Saturday, August 22, 2009

Education Week

I think when I was a little girl I must have been a very somber child. I have found I don't laugh very easily. I can see and hear funny things and the laughter button forgets to slide through the button hole or something. I smile usually. I am jealous of people who laugh easily, often, and find humor in life. Now, after saying that, I had the funniest and most spiritual week that I have had in a long time.
Three very good friends and I went to education week for 5 wonderful days of instruction on how to make your life better, study scriptures, learn how to make your marriage happier, and hear a whole slew of great stories. I have been telling Tim story after story, quote after quote! I think he wants to tape my mouth shut. Thankfully he lets me ramble on and on and then listens to me tell others the same things I told him earlier. This was my 7th time going to education week and it was by far my favorite. Would you believe we got kicked out of a building for being too loud? These four innocent looking girls? Actually we couldn't get into a class because it was full and we were in the hall talking to other friends we met outside the class who couldn't get in either. things go...we began talking and giggling. A girl came to us and said she couldn't open the door to the class until it was quiet in the hall. "Well, okay then! We'll take our party outside!" It was just fine. We laughed about being kicked out. It makes for a great story. How many people get kicked out of a BYU Education Week class? We can exagerate and say we did.

Linda, Karey and I sitting and waiting for a class to begin. Smile girls!

I think Pam was in another class without us in the first picture. Now you have Pam, Karey and Linda. During classes we learned from the instructors and copied each other notes. You write as fast as you can. A lot of times you can only get part of a quote or a scripture reference and have to lean over and hope they got what you didn't. During the evenings we ate dinner, walked, swam, read, prayed, went over what we learned, figured out the next day, and laughed and laughed and laughed. Thursday evening was the funniest of all. Really, if you didn't know us you would have thought we were drunk we were laughing so hard. While washing off make-up, waiting for the bathroom, packing back up to go home the next day, Pam and I began playing with balloons and making certain anatomy parts a little larger. It was hysterical. I'm sure you had to be there to appreciate it. Thanks friends for being there with me helping me learn, thank you to the many instructors who taught me and have no idea I was even there, thanks Tim for letting me go (I hope you will enjoy being the beneficiary of some of the knowledge) and thanks for the gift of laughter for the week! We truly laughed many times. It felt good!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bolt, Babes and Boys

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 was a day I thought about doing for a long time. I put blankets on all the windows in the family room in the basement a few weeks ago and pondered on movies, treats and food. What to do? I finally asked my daughters to bring their children over last Tuesday for a movie at grandma's house. Brooke even brought Danika so I had all 9 grandchildren in my home at once. I asked Brooke to stay, though. So, we began the movie, Bolt, at 11:00. By 11:30 the kids were restless and STARVING. So we fed them sandwiches, fruit, chips, cookies, juice, etc. I then asked them to pose when they were almost finished. We have Kenzie, Lana, Kailie and Rylee in the first picture.
Kate, Isaak, Brielle and Hayden sat at the "kid's table" because they love being together. They didn't eat much though.

...and Danika ate at her table without any of her cousins beside her, at the moment.
I even got them to pose for one wonderful group picture. Yup! Here is all my grandchildren. Obviously happy to be here! Rylee is holding the baby and not a play doll. Then we started the movie again to finish it up and see how it ends.

Hayden and Brielle had had enough of the movie. They went off to play in another room. They love being together. Sometimes I wonder if they had an extra special relationship in the pre-mortal life. They always want to be together.

Kate (looking older and more mature all the time), Kailie with Danika, and Lana finishing the movie.
Rylee and McKenzie during the last moments. Then upstairs to play with the stickers, paper and crayons for letters to their Uncle Andrew. It was a magical day. The kids were cute, movie was great, food was good, and we had fun just being together. Thanks to the kids and moms for a wonderful afternoon. Let's do it again next summer. I have more ideas for bigger and better!

Thanks Brooke for bringing some of the entertainment (Danika) and staying!