Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rings and Rainstorms

 Every day is something new and interesting.  Some days betterthan others, but, when it involves the students and people who we meet it is always interesting and fun.  Monday we went to Balogun which is a huge wholesale market.  The only problem was, as soon as we got to the market it began to rain...and rain...and rain.  The market is outdoors and stops the shopability.  Sister Karkari (the Mission President's wife) needed to get some items for missionary apartments so we dashed deep into the market and grabbed those items.  Then some women were hired to carry the items out to the car.  The 2 women with things on their heads were carrying all the items.  It is amazing to see women carry things on their heads.
 A week ago I had a ring making class given by Evelyn.  Sister Winget joined in on the class.  Evelyn made a ring and when we are all able to, Evelyn is giving us lesson number 2 where we will be making a ring ourselves.  Esther joined in to give us encouragement.  Esther in the red and Evelyn in the black.