Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthday celebration, rain storms, and cross-stitch lessons

 We got to help our friend, Andrew, celebrate his birthday.  His birthday was the day after Tims so we got birthday cake two days in a row.  Although, on Tims birthday we ran out of cake before Tim got any cake.  Saved us some calories.  Andrew brought his girlfriend to share his cake, too!
 We are in the middle of the hot and dry season.  It does not rain at this time of the year...yeah, right. We got 4 days of rain.  It was wonderful!  One morning we got rain before we got up and it cooled things down a bit.  We went out to exercise at sunrise and it felt a lot cooler as we ran.  We didn't get nearly as sweaty as we normally get.
 We found another place to eat.  It is more of a southwest American cuisine.  They even serve milkshakes.  Tim and I shared one with our meals.
Today two of our favorite young students came in to say hello.  When they stepped in I was cross- stitching.  They showed an interest on learning how to do it.  I gave them a quick lesson and here they are, trying to do it.  I may need to get them a hoop, a decent pattern, more Aida cloth, and floss.
This was the end of a trying week.  We are trying to learn some new ropes.  Program is changing and it is unclear how it is going to change.  We had another water leak in the apartment, and other great events.  Really, we do work.  It just looks like we only play all our days.  Pictures of phones and calling lists and computers really doesn't lend to enjoyable viewing.  Our week ended much better.  We helped make pizza for dinner tonight and ate with Pres. Adebayo and his family, Elder and Sister Winget and Elder and Sister Brown.  Then we sat around the table and talked for quite a while.  We have a mission president who is quite amazing.  He has been given many challenges and deals with them with great faith and determination. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day on the Farms

Traveling through the city from one place to the other is difficult but if you keep your eyes open it can be quite entertaining. The picture above is a sample of the furniture stores we see.  We have seen furniture stores directly by goat farms or it could be the meat market.  I am not sure which.  I don't think I want to know.
 I just saw this rooster strutting on the top of the pig pen and thought it was cute.
 Look how clean these pig pens are!  There were about 90 pigs at this farm.  The farmer was very kind to us in showing us his farm.
 This is what we see all over the place.  Unfinished homes...they are built as time and finances allow.
We were driven around by a man who works at the service center in the mail department.  He is also in charge of the service center vehicles.  The shop in the following picture is owned by his wife.  This is his niece.
 A papaya tree.
 Cletus and his wife.  They were so happy to have us in their home.  You felt like it was an honor for us to be there. 
 This is a pumpkin.  It just doesn't look like any pumpkins I have ever seen.  They don't use the pumpkin, they use the leaves for their soup.

 One of Cletus' sons.  Such a cute little boy.
 Another one of his sons.  I love looking at the little one that was asleep on the desk.