Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sister's Party

Sister's Party, 2010
Sister's Party weekend began by going to the Twin Falls, Idaho LDS temple together. Only about half of us that got together could be there in time for the temple. After going to the temple,we drove to Kathie's home where we ate a great dinner of baked potatoes (potatoes grown in Kathie's garden), stroganoff, fruit salad, green salad, dinner rolls, dessert and enjoyed re-aquainting conversation. We sat up and talked for hours and then I remembered to get out my camera. By this time it was way after midnight. As you can tell by the picture of Misty (below) we were getting tired. Of course Misty is 6 month's pregnant and has every reason to be tired. We got to have 2 pregnant women with us. They were troopers to stay up and talk forever while fighting exhaustion. See, we don't look too bad for 2:00 a.m.
The next morning we made some crafts. We made something to take out with us visiting teaching in December...
Can you see the angel wings on Sheila and Arlene's shoulders? The wings are the glow you see on their shoulders.
Brooke and Danika went up with me.

The mature women in the family. Kathie, Georgia, Becky, Sherryl, Arlene, Carolyn, Dianne and Sheila. This is a picture of women of strength, integrity, wisdom, fun, and incredible love. They are women I look up to.
Kathie ad Cindy doing the other craft. A saying rubbed on to a tile. The saying is by Elder Worthlin, "Come what may, and Love It"

When I got home this afternoon I got two surprises. Tim met me at the door (granted I had a granddaughter and daughter with me) and he made me a gift wrap center! Cool! I was totally surprised! What color(s) do I paint it?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kailie's baptism

It was a big day for Tai and Mike's family! Today Kailie was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Congratulations Kailie!

My little Kailie just before going to the church to be baptized. Such a beautiful little girl!

After Kailie came up out of the water her dad picked her up and gave her a big hug. It was a sweet moment. Lana and Rylee were quick to give Kailie a hug after the confermation.

The Parson family from our ward came to share the day with us. Tai babysat the Parson triplets many years ago and now the two girls will babysit Tai's children. Thanks for coming Rachael, Marissa and Alex! Thanks to your dad and mom, too.

Pictures of family and friends gathering to share the joyful day.

Great- grandma Jennings with Hayden doing his best to smile a goofy smile. Cute!

During dinner Kate and Danika didn't want to be bothered with the job of eating. They just wanted to play. So, of course we let them build a bond of friendship. Food came later.

Tai's high school buddy and her two daughters came to the baptism. Good friends are a treasure. Good to see you Cami!

It is always good to see Jay and Carolyn. Sorry I didn't have your fudge, Jay. (Inside joke)

Jason and his children! What a brave and good man to come without his wife, Lindsey (who was working), all by himself.

I found Mickey Mouse in his Halloween costume hiding in my garden. Can you believe he dressed up as a carrot?