Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy birthday,Tim!

Oh, what fun it is to bowl in a family room, not an alley! Tim gave the family a Wii for Christmas. We have had so much fun with it so far. We box, bowl, curl, play tennis, baseball, shuffleboard and Wii fit. We love getting up and doing something active in the evenings instead of being a couch potato. The Wii fit was given to Tim for his birthday a couple of days ago. Happy Birthday, Tim.
On Tim's birthday everyone who could came over for cake and ice-cream. The two babies were on Tai's lap looking at each other's binkeys and snuggling up to each other. They are so cute!
For those who don't have Brooke's Blog, she is expecting a baby girl in June.
I hope everyone's holidays were wonderful!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No pictures, sorry! But today was a fun day. Brooke came over here and cut and colored both Tai 's hair and mine. She did a super job. Tonight Andy and Brooke went to the doctor to see is she is having a girl or boy. You need to call her and ask. I won't give it away.
I tried to take several pictures of Tai with the hair color on her head. My camera appeared to be broken. Tonight, though, I thought of re-taping it together (because it did get dropped in November) and it works just fine! Maybe tomorrow we will take pictures of the new hair do's.
Have a good day!