Saturday, July 2, 2011

Condie Family Reunion 2011

Our annual Condie Family Reunion is over for the year. We had a great time getting to know each other better. We earned tickets to spend for the purchasing of incredible goods brought by each of us. We talked, ate, did skits, sang and had a couple of programs. I think our parents would have been happy with the days we spent together as family.

Sherryl, Sheila and Mike interviewing each get tickets! We played a little sand volleyball. I am not sure who won, but, we had fun laughing at our skills...and we earned more tickets.

Kathie killed me playing tetherball. I thought I was a great player when I was younger. I lost all my tetherball skills over the years...and we earned more tickets.

Here is some fine tuned relaxing skills. Looks comfortable? The first day of the reunion, the hammock was wet from tickets earned here.

Just goofing off, talking and eating. Did you know "goofing off" takes skills? We didn't earn tickets eating.

Josh, Amanda, Sammy, and Georgia are sharpening their skills to being fine bidders. The best things went to the highest bidder!

We trained some pretty fine "s'more makers". Doesn't this look like a mighty fine crew? S'mores, anyone? Nice skills!

Brooklyn was one of the finest at making and eating the goodies! It takes skills to make this darling face to show the enjoyment? of the goodies.

We had more great learners. Yummy s'mores!

Brynn and Bryton played their violins for us during the program on Friday night. The children all participated in the entertainment.

....and heres only a part of the audience!

Josh really wanted to take part in the program. When it was his turn to perform, he began crying and couldn't tell his parents what he wanted to do.

We had a family sing along. We even sang, "Love At Home." When I was growing up I hated this song. I didn't think there was any love in our home. Little did I know, there was a lot more love than I thought. I truly love my family.

I can't remember what the kids were doing, but it was way cute! Thanks, kids.

And, here we have a skillful reader and sleeper. It is so cute to see little ones go to sleep.

Tim and Conner were our fire starters. They showed incredible amounts of skill to get a nice fire going. Thanks men.