Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sister's party

This last weekend was our yearly Sister's Party. All my sisters, neices 18 years old and older, daughters, etc... are invited for an overnighter. Sometimes we do a service project, craft, eat (always), sleep (some), and share our laughter, joys and sorrows. This year we gave a surprise bridal shower for Shanon. I think we totally surprised her. As each gift was opened she told us something she loves about Ben. Then whoever gave her the gift would give some wise advice. Congratulations Shanon. Thanks to all the girls who came!

Arlene made Shanon a levi quilt. Curt helped open it. He was so cute watching the gift opening.
The girl in the pink shirt on the couch just married my nephew, Garth this last summer. It was fun getting to know Misty better.

Today Danika came trick-or-treating to my home a few days early. Isn't she cute?! Happy Halloween Danika!
One of my favorite you tube clips is of Detier Uchtdorf's "Create". This is an inspiring clip to me and has made me think I can do better in my life, so...
Yesterday I hibernated in my home and made a rag quilt. I had a fun time doing it and when I was done I noticed all the mistakes I made. It was a good project anyway and I learned a lot. I may even do another one. Next one will be better.

Monday, October 26, 2009


It is official! Elder Andrew Steven Jennings is returning home from his fabulous mission in Knoxville, Tennessee on December 22, 2009. He will probably speak in church January 10, 2010. We are so excited to be able to see him. His brother, Jordan, hasn't seen him in almost 4 years. I am grateful for the dedicated service of both of these fine young men. It will be great having all 5 children together once again.

57 Days to go...and counting

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference weekend

General Conference is a weekend I enjoy for so many reasons. I love hearing from the PROPHET! To make this weekend more special we had five of our grandchildren stay overnight on Saturday evening to spend Sunday morning with us. Sunday morning was dark, rainy and wonderful. When the first 3 girls got up we began making some salads for lunch. They washed their hands first! Then when they were all awake they ran downstairs to find their surprise which was Jordan and Nikole were here. They arrived after they went to sleep.
Conference can be a little too relaxing! Kenzie and her grandfather enjoying a little shut eye. One of them is faking it. Can you tell which one?
This is everyone who was here on Sunday morning. I was there! The evidence is the foot sticking into the picture. Yup. That is my foot. If you look closely you see all the little girls are in skirts. Hilary and Tai made them for this weekend. Rylee and Kailie's skirts match and Kenzie and Lana's match. Brielle's match another cousins' who wasn't in the picture.

Nikole got to hold Danika for a short moment. Two sweet girls. The Aunt and the Baby!

My five little girls. I really do have the cutest little grandchildren. The other four not in the picture are just as loved and wonderful. This is just the easiest, so far to have overnight. They go to sleep easy for me and love each other. Wow. One thing I learned from this weekend. Tell your family often you love them. Tell them again and again. I want it to be known here and now I love them all. I will try to tell them more often in person, too.