Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Nigeria 2012

Here it is, the day after Christmas, or Boxing Day here.  We had a wonderful Christmas with many events.  Elder and Sister Brown, Elder and Sister Winget and Tim and I, made a Christmas basket for Pres. and Sister Adebayo and gave it to him a couple of days before Christmas.  We went to the Ukorebi's home on Christmas Eve to eat dinner, sing and enjoy the Nativity story, put on by the children.  The donkey was the father, Bro. Ukorebi.  All the missionary couples have adopted the Ukorebi children as our grandchildren here.  They run up to us at church and other events and want us to be near by them.  It is pretty awesome! 
Christmas day Tim and I made some food for the guards who would be on duty all day and then helped make brunch with the Wingets and Browns.  We ate with them, the Adebayo's and 5 of the Elders.  It was a wonderful day. Merry Christmas from Nigeria, Africa!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ward Christmas Party Nigerian Style

 We went to the ward Christmas Party.  It was announced to begin at 2:00.  We went at 2:00 and no one was there.  So we went back to the apartment and came back 45 minutes later and that is when most of the people came.  There was a program first.  The Primary Children Sang, there was a skit or two, a family sang and then came Santa least one of his helpers! 
 We know Santa and his helpers to be a little on the chubby side.  Not this one!

 I just thought this little girl was so cute with these balloons.  I asked if I could take her picture.  She was good to let me.  Here, you don't take a picture, you "snap" the picture.
Looking into the eyes of a child.  Mailyn  looking deep into my eyes.  She is a cutie!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Conference and Training in Ghana

 We have been enjoying our stay in Ghana.  We are to talk over plans on how to make PEF more effective.  Even though we have spent many hours in a room talking and discussing plans we still have a little time to get out and do things, like go to the ocean for a few minutes.  There were tons of junior high aged kids on the beach.  We were the old folks.
 This morning we began our day at the Ghana temple.  The first time I saw this temple I thought of the words to the song, "I Love To See The Temple".  I had to choke down a few tears.  We haven't been near a temple for a very long time!  The inside of the temple is beautiful.  Breathtakingly beautiful!  It was the very best way to begin our day.
 Those who went to the temple are the same ones who we have been working with to get great ideas of the PEF program.  Left to right, Patrick,  Bro. Brown, Rebecca (Funmi), Fred, Ike, Tim, Dianne, Elder Heid, Sister Heid. 
This is my favorite nativity set from Nigeria.  The person who sold it to us is the artist who makes it.  At least that is what he told us. 

First Nigerian Wedding

Saturday, December 8, 2012 we were able to attend the wedding of Godlyn and Richard.  We were invited because everyone is expected to come if you are in the area and want to.  We were encouraged to purchase the material from the bride to make an outfit to match the friends of the family.  We wanted to be friends of the family, and they wanted us to dress like we are friends, and so we did. The wedding cake was made by another one of the catering students we know.  She did a darling job.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Freeway Flat Tire Adventures

To begin a post you really need good news first.  That would be the authentic Nativity scene.  We had a young artist come to our office and sell us the nativity scene.  We weren't sure how to get him to leave without purchasing one set.  Now that I am here and looking closely at the nativity set, I really appreciate the artwork in the details of the faces.  Maybe you just have to be here to appreciate it.
We travelled to Victoria Island to go Black Friday Shopping.  We took a young man with us to drive.  While on the Third Mainland Bridge our tire blew out.  Elder Jennings and Elder Brown directed traffic away from the van while Elder Winget and Ike changed the tire.  When we told the mission president about the flat tire he was very upset that the vehicle had a tire on it that looked this bad.