Friday, February 10, 2012

Trip to Fredericksburg, Virginia

Sunday, February, 5, 2012 was Allie's blessing day. Tim and I were so glad to have been able to be in Virginia with Brooke and Andy for this wonderful day. Allie slept all the way through church after she was blessed. Her other grandmother held her during S.M meeting and Sunday School. I got to hold her during Relief Society. We came home for dinner and pictures. Danika fell asleep in the car on the way home. It took a minute to wake up.

Danika, Andy, Allie and Brooke. I must say Allie is a good baby. She coos and smiles all the time. I don't think I heard her cry once. Sisters. Aren't they cute?

Allie was blessed in the same dress Brooke was blessed in. I think that was just yesterday. Okay, not really. It just seems so.

On Friday, February 3, 2012 Tim and I went to visit Mount Vernon. This is where President George Washington lived. It was such a beautiful day. We wore our coats but never felt chilled. I have a greater feeling of respect after visiting the home and surrounding grounds. We were there for several hours and enjoyed every moment.

The front of Mount Vernon.

The back of Mount Vernon facing the Potomoc river.

This is the burial spot of George and Martha Washington. Very reverent.

When we entered the gift shop and restaurant building to get a bite to eat we found this painting of Washington at Valley Forge. As we looked closer we realized it is the origional painting. It's on loan to Mount Vernon.

Touring old town Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Danika loves her grandpa.

...And my beautiful Allie!

Christmas Program

I am really a slacker. I didn't take very many pictures during the holiday season. But, I did get a couple of pictures of Lana at her school program. The children sang a ton of holiday songs. They did a wonderful job. Of course the cutest child was my little Lana!

The Nutcracker

Brielle, Kailie, and McKenzie performed in "The Nutcracker" in Salt Lake City for their dance company. During the performance I was taking pictures when the girls were on stage. An usher came and firmly told me that no pictures could be taken during the performance. It was a rule of the theater. OOPS!

Isaak loves his mom! Such a cute little boy.