Monday, September 7, 2009

Grandchildren and Salsa

Whew! What a wonderful weekend! Saturday Tim and I went to Logan to visit Jordan and Nikole. Tim and Jordan went golfing and Nikole, her friend, and I went shopping until we were so hungry we thought we would die! We went a little early to Iggy's to get a table for dinner. We had chips, salsa and drinks while waiting for Tim and Jordan. They finally came and we ate a wonderful meal. We watched the beginning of the BYU and Oklahoma game. After dinner we went back to Nikole and Jordan's and watched the rest of the game while playing Five Crowns. After a fabulous football game we had chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Yummy! I could have eaten them all! I love both of those items. Thanks Jordan and Nikole! Saturday night I was so tired and yet I couldn't sleep because I thought about what the plans were for Sunday evening...a sleepover with grandchildren, lots of them! Just look at how cute they are! This is just the beginning of the evening! We had cake and ice-cream and then...
made a sign for Andrew letting him know how much we miss him....

took turns holding baby Danika...

and more holding Danika (she got passed around a bunch)...painted fingernails and toenails, decorated cupcakes, played "Don't Eat Pete!", set up the tent, got ready for bed and slept.

The next morning it was breakfast of pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and bacon. After breakfast the little ones did sidewalk chalk. This is Kailie's creation and ...

... this is Rylee's creation. While Kailie and Rylee were playing with chalk, Brielle, McKenzie and Lana made a brew in the wheelbarrow.
Just look how yummy! I think it was to keep the bad people away from the fairies. After that it was showers, more games and lunch. Mom's and dad's came to find their children. Thanks for making two grandparents happy. We love you!
If that wasn't enough, Tim, Brooke, Andy and I made salsa. We went to a pick it yourself farm and got tomatoes, onions and a variety of peppers to make the salsa. I just got it all done. Tim went to bed about an hour ago, Brooke, Andy and Danika went home a couple of hours ago. The house is quiet and I am left with a sense of contentment of seeing family and doing a big project and having it done. Great Labor Day weekend! I hope yours was great, also.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Garden greats

So, can anyone tell me what is so great about this plate of food? Yes, it is quite a nutritious meal. Yes, it is colorful. It was all grown in our garden! I would like to take a lot of credit for it, but, unfortunately Tim planted the garden. I went out and dug the potatoes and carrots, though! Doesn't that count? The potatoes were scrubbed with a vegetable brush, cut in french fry slices, thrown in a ziplock baggie with a dab of olive oil and Italian dressing. I shook the potatoes to coat them and spread them on a baking sheet. I baked them at 420 degrees for about 20 minutes. Yummy! They taste great coated with Ranch Dressing powder, also. I had a little bit of Friendship Bread to go with the meal, too. Love Friendship Bread! Anyone need a start?

Sunday we went to Idaho for a missionary homecoming. The young man on the left was Andrew's trainer and gave his report home. The missionary on the right was Andrew's companion 7 weeks ago. Andrew thought both of these young men were outstanding to work with. After meeting them I can see why Andrew thought so highly of them. I think Andrew will be released from his mission around December 31, 2009. We'll have fun planning his return and look so forward to that date!