Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rylee Turns 10

Happy Birthday to Rylee! Hilary makes a mean birthday cake. So yummy!
As soon as we got to Rylee's house I made some people get into a group shot. Tim's mom came with us to wish Rylee a happy birthday.
We had fun eating dinner, playing games, eating cake, dancing, and being real loud! Rylee drew the picture above, Hilary had it framed, and Hayden was excited to show it to me. Rylee can draw quite well. Love the print.
Human pyramid! Dads, Uncles, and Grandpa as the base. Thanks for the support.
Rylee letting me give her a birthday hug.
Rylee letting her uncle, Andrew, lift her up and balance her. Uncle Mike and Grandpa were there to catch her if she fell.
Tim (grandpa) spun her around and around. They are both looking good!
Hayden playing one of the "Minute To Win It" games. All the kids loved playing the game.
Mike and Bill played a couple of the games, too. Bill won, Mike...well he tried.
The Birthday Girl did a game where you were given a set amount of time to wind a roll of toilet paper around you before the timer went off. Simple game, and way fun!
Rylee playing another game of shooting the soda cans over with a rubber band.
Sara playing "Johnny Applestack". So Sara!

...And the birthday girl blowing out her candles. With 10 on top it only took her three tries to get all the candles out.
Eating cake and ice-cream is so yummy!

Kate loves her cake, too!

But, then again, so do the rest of us. It seems like Bill always gets the job of dishing out the ice-cream. No complaints coming from this mouth!
Doesn't it look like Rylee got to do everything she wanted on her birthday without getting in trouble? I mean really, would you get to eat out of the ice-cream bucket? Actually, I made her pose for the picture.
After eating cake Rylee wanted us to do the spanking machine. Here she goes through it!
Lana and Kenzie got caught telling secrets! Do you want to know what they said? Me too!
Dancing to finish the evening off. Whew! What an eventful birthday. Lots of fun

Brielle had to try one last game. Stack the dice on a tongue depresser. Way to go Brielle.
I love this family! What a great gift to be given.

Saturday is the Day We Get Ready For Sunday

On Saturday Tai and Mike came over to grab my Tom Tom to use for the week. While here the children begged for pancakes. They didn't want to go out to eat at Cafe Rio. They love pancakes (and so do I.) I asked Kailie to stuff a pancake in her mouth so I could take a silly picture of her. Thanks for complying!
Danika looks properly scared. Why? Because...
...Isaak thought my house was dirty after the pancakes were made and eaten so he went to get the vacuum and started to vacuum my home. What cute kids!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Golden Wedding Anniversary

January 8, 2011
50 years ago my sister, Sherryl, began her life with Arnold. Their children invited us to share in celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Sherryl and Arnold began their life with making sacred vows in the Idaho Falls temple. It was a wonderful day and one I am glad I didn't let the threat of a snowstorm get in my way.
When we arrived at Burley we drove first of all to the home I lived in when I was really little. It was in this home I broke my baby sister's crib by pretending I was a horse and I was jumping in it. Quinn was helping me. He was older and should be blamed for it. Right?
Me, Carolyn, Mike, Quinn and Sheila standing in front of a home still being occupied. No one came out and took shots at us or anything! Can you believe 12 people lived in this home?
I had to take a picture of the yummy desserts served at the party.
Handsome hubby and brother-in-law.
Sisters Sheila and Kathie with my nephew Garth and his wife, Misty. Misty is due to deliver her first baby any day.
Carolyn and Jay, and Tim and I drove together to Burley. We had a wonderful visit with them. Thanks for braving the storms with us!
Some of my brothers and sisters and their spouses and one niece and great-great-nephew.

Sherryl and Arnold's original children with their spouses. There is a grandchild or two tucked in to boot!
Sherryl and Arnold enjoying their newest great-grandchild.
Thanks again for inviting us to the party. Have I ever told anyone I love my family? They are wonderful people. I have been so blessed in my life to have these people to support me and to show great examples. Thanks, family!

Grandchildren Bake Cookies and Rolls

For Christmas I gave Rylee and Kailie matching baking sets. They were so cute I just couldn'g resist. But, with the gift I wanted to help them use them. So, one day I went first to play cooking baking with Rylee. We made chocolate chip cookies. So, Rylee and Lana began the cookies.
They carefully measured, poured, and mixed all the ingredients.
Then you have to wait for a pan of cookies to come out of th oven.
When the cookies come out of the oven it is best to wait a minute or two for the cookies to cool. Then you can eat them. The cookies missing off the paper towel were probably in MY stomache.
Kate enjoyed grabbing a few chocolate chips that didn't make it into the cookies. The evidence is on the chin!
When Hayden gets hungry he just begins by going to the pantry and climbs until he finds what he wants. It wasn't chocolate chip cookies!
Then on to Tai and Mike's home. Kailie began by washing and drying the bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons and such. Then we began the making of the cookies!
Look at how well the cookie dough looks!
Kenzie didn't want to make cookies. She wanted to play the wii instead. She is happy doing it though.

Isaak wanted to help. He gave us a great wink with the mixing of the dough.

Brielle enjoyed the wii, too!
Then I went home and Danika helped me make dinner rolls. It was a full day of baking...and eating. I ate pleanty. Did you know most people gain an average of 5-10 pounds during the holidays? How can that be?
Thanks for the great day, my little grandchildren.

December parties

For Christmas, 2010, Tim gave me a wonderful camera. It is a camera I could learn to use many ways. It will take me a long while to figure out all of its features. Look at the beautiful pictures it takes!
Jordan and Nikole let me play with the camera on Christmas Day by taking their picture. I will add they are a cute couple!
Tim and I gave each other too many gifts! We had a wonderful morning opening and visiting grandchildren!
Tim got a short nap in the late morning. He didn't know I would be taking his picture. Surprise!
December 11, 2010 was the date we got together for our yearly Condie Christmas party. Can you believe all this wonderful family? I am so blessed to be a member of the family. We ate, did a pinata, blanket toss, Christmas pie, talked, had a wonderful program with the children doing the nativity...It was a wonderful day.
On the 2nd Sunday in December we got together at Hilary and Bill's. Before we all went over to their home, Hilary arranged for a neighbor to come and take a family picture. This is the one I wanted to use for my Christmas letter. I just had too many camera problems and was a little handicapped when it came to getting the picture sent to Walmart to get on a Christmas card.

I know these pictures are all backwards. It has just been too long since I have blogged. I forgot how to do it.