Thursday, May 13, 2010

Andrew and Sara's Wedding Day

Friday, May 7, 2010 was a bright, sunny, and special day. This is the day these two people were finally married and became a family. We have loved Sara for a long time and wanted things to work out for the two of them. They had to wait for Andrew to serve his mission and come home and see if they were still compatable. Just look at them...what do you think? They make a wonderful couple. When we were in the temple I was able to look around and see all 5 of my children in the sealing room. It was an overwhelming feeling. It felt like I had waited a long time for the last of my children to find their mate. Again, welcome home, Sara.

We only had 3 of the grandchildren at the temple. Jordan took several pictures of Danika. This looks like she is either blowing kisses or clapping for joy. Take your pick!

This is my favorite picture of Andrew and Sara. I think Andrew's pose is so into Sara and Sara has a soft and sweet smile on her face. They seem to "fit" together or something.

More of Sara and Andrew. Out of hundreds of pictures it was hard to narrow it down to the few I am posting.

I thought this was a great picture. I enjoy the reflection in the glass of the two of them. I am sure you can find symbolism in it. Tell me what it is so I can enjoy it. too.

Set up for the wedding luncheon. So beautiful. The owner of the catering business had to apologize several times to us. They burned the "spring potatoes" and had to serve all the guests mashed potatoes. It tasted just great to me!

Andrew and Sara with all the cute little nieces and nephews. Such a cute pose!

This is all 5 of my birth children. It really looks and feels so empty. I didn't get a picture of all 21 of us. Cute picture, anyway.

The two little grandsons had a hard time keeping the shirts tucked in and a tie around the neck all night. They looked SO cute with shirttails hanging out and ties drooping off the shoulders. I think little boys are so cute this way. They look like...little boys! Full of life!

Just in case you were wondering what Sara wore on her feet to keep herself as comfortable as possible, I will show you! Yup! Smart girl wore slippers of her favorite color. Pink!

Thanks to Jordan and Nikole for taking hundreds of pictures. I really wanted to add more. There are a couple of people who aren't in any of the pictures. Maybe next time I'll do a separate blog of them.

And finally, the new couple coming out of the temple! Congratulations, again!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Have To Watch These Videos!

I am sitting here at my computer knowing I really need to get my hair fixed, clean my house, practice the piano, make a menu, etc... and I opened to see if anything new or interesting was there. I decided to click on to the video "My New Life" and almost turned it off when I saw it was 8 minutes long. I am so grateful I watched it. Stephanie Nielson (I think that's her name) is an incredible example of strength in adversity. I so appreciate her words of wisdom. Then after that I watched "Seek the Higher Ground" by Gene R. Cook. The two videos went hand in hand. Watch them. It will make you think twice about things. At least it did for me.