Monday, May 21, 2012

Tim and I at home

My brother, John, requested a picture of Tim and I in front of our home for some records he is putting together.  So, I am puttin in one or two of the pictures for fun!

Boondocks in May

Last Saturday we went to Boondocks with Hilary and Bill's kids.  We got tons of tickets and spent a lot of time at the counter trading tickets in for prizes.  After that, we spoiled their dinner by getting some ice-cream sundaes.  Yummy!  Oops!  I forgot the camera at Boondocks.  We took these pictures the same day at Lana's soccer game.

Jordan and Nikole Gratuate from utah State

Jordan and Nikole graduated the same day McKenzie was baptised.  These posts are way out of order, but they are done anyway.  We are way proud of Jordan and Nikole graduating from Utah State.  It was fun and a little emotional watching them recieve their diplomas.  CONGRATULATIONS!  (Plus, aren't they a cute couple?)

Disneyland... for the first time in over 20 years!

Tim and I went to Disneyland for a week with Tai, Mike and their children and Andrew and Sara.  We had a great time.  Just a few pictures of our fun!  While talking to Crush the turtle Isaak announced he lives in Arizona.  Really?!

Lana's baptism

We have 2 granddaughters getting baptised this year.  Lana was the first one.  She was baptised by her dad in March.  Congratulations, Lana.  We love you!

McKenzie's baptism in May, 2012

Our little McKenzie was baptised on her birthday!  We are so proud of her.  She is a wonderful little girl.  Congratulations McKenzie.  We love you.

Mission Call to Nigeria

It has been an extremely long time since I have blogged.  Can I tell you how much the page has changed?  It has changed so much!  I am not sure I can add pictures, post, etc...  But, I am giving it a try anyway. 

Much has happened in Tim life and mine.  To make a really long story short, Tim and I felt impressed to go on a mission.  To many it seems like a crazy thing to do, but after much prayer, fasting and discussion it became a definite thing to do.  We submitted our papers and waited for 4 1/2 long weeks to get a mission call.  We have been called to go to Lagos, Nigeria.  It is an unbelievable experience just in the preparation work.  It has been fun to work with Tim getting ready.