Saturday, July 25, 2009

Surprise with no beeps and whistles

For many years I have wished for and, wanted something for a long, long time. It is something old fashioned and I thought was no longer a hot item on the market. I know you are dying to find out what it is. So just look at the pictures and discover for yourself. Yes, I have wanted a bike. One with no fancy beeps or whistles. If you look closely it has no gears but leg power and coasting power. I have taken it for two spins already today and am going to go for another ride when this posting is finished. This is MY kind of "road bike."There are at least two really cool things about this bike. Number 1 is the color. Look at the cool color! Number 2 is that Tim remembered that I wanted a "no gear shift" bike and, he surprised me with one. Way to go Tim!
It looks like I will have a lot of fun going around and around the block this summer. Anyone want to join me? I am not big into fighting the traffic so I will need to find some safe routes.

There may be a big smile on my face now. Tomorrow may be another day when the unused muscles scream at me for the workout. It will be well worth it. Thanks for the fun toy, Tim.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Take your hats off when the flag goes by...

Tim and I began our day jogging and running. Literally we went jogging and then drove to the 1st parade to be with Hilary and Bill and their children. Hayden began the parade in the chair (notice his spiffy hat that I think he helped create) and got the bravery quickly to join the pack of people in front to look closely to the parade and grab the candy.
Rylee and Lana look so beautiful in their 4th of July outfits, beads, hats, fingernails, spirit and all.

...and a closer look at those fabulous fingernails. Red, white and blue. I think Rylee's pose makes her look a little teenager-ish, don't you?

Kate let her grandpa hold her quite a bit during the parade. Rylee and Lana made sure she got her share of the candy.
Kate kissed her dad quite a lot. The cutest one I missed. She had her hands on his face as if to pull him in closer. I am always a little late. But this is cute anyway.
Hayden and his loot climbing into his car for family pictures. He is so cute.

Rylee, Lana, Hayden, Kate, Hilary and Bill. What a wonderful family. They have spirit, yes they do, how about you?
I love this picture of the kids and Tim and I. It looks like all those legs are quite white. It really goes with the patriotic color theme, red, WHITE, and blue.
After the first parade we drove quickly (without speeding) to the next city parade. We found Tai and her family just as the parade was beginning. As you can see they have their bags ready for all the fun catching the candy.

Kenzie and Brielle. They were the first to greet us when we got there.

At one point Isaak was on Mike's back in a pack. Some candy was thrown and it hit and landed on Isaak's hand, scaring him. He began crying so we took him off his dad's back and cuddled him. Just don't take his binky!

Kenzie, Brielle and Kailie with their 4th of July shirts. Cute little girls.

I am grateful for those who keep our lives as safe as they can. Thanks!

Kailie and her little friend.

We all need a reminder every once in a while of the sacrifices made by those who have gone before to pave a path. We have so much to be grateful for the pioneers who came to Utah, the men and women who made this country what it is and for those who fight today to keep it that way.
Another reminder of those who keep us safe.

One of the many floats in the parade.
Isaak and his binky.

Tai, Mike and Ike. Cute beads, Ike!
Me and Ike.

I have a heritage with some Scottish blood. I just had to add this to my posting to remind me of where I came from.

Old fashioned fire truck.

At the barbeque on the evening of the fourth. Danika, Brooke and Andy came. Brooke looks a little bit like they feel better.

Georgia and Allen. When my kids were little they called Allen, "Annie", because they couldn't say Allen.
We fought over holding the baby. No blood though. She slept most of the day.

We put up the swimming pool I got for my birthday from Hilary and Bill. It wasn't really hot but, it was warm enough. During the parade there was a wonderful cloud cover keeping the direct sun off. It made the parades wise, and company wise.

Patriotic flag in the form of cheesecake. Thanks, Tai, for making it. Yum

Girls camp

Who said youth girls camp is only for the young women? I think the leaders in the stake had more fun than they did. This is the six stake leaders who went to bond with the girls and other leaders and to grow closer their Heavenly Father. We laughed, played games, changed sleeping quarters three times, encouraged and grew closer in the 4 fun filled days at camp. I have said it many times, I love working in the young women program...anywhere. Young women are full of fun, strength, energy, hopefulness, spirit and strength. The women in the picture are as follows: Bottom row, me, Lindee (Stake YW President), Janis (1st Coun. in Stake YW), Julie (Stake YW camp director), Fran (stake social director to make us laugh and create), Marilyn (Stake assistant camp director.)
Julie and I rode her topless Jeep to camp and got wind blown. She had to fix her hair as soon as we got there. She said she would do damage if I took her picture. I took it anyway.

Before camp we went to a costume shop (that felt like a lice shop) to look for costumes for our camp skit. We laughed our heads off looking at different items. I haven't seen or felt lice yet, and yet, I just reached up to scratch my head. FYI the skit was fun an had a powerful message for the girls. I think they really loved it. They said they did. We had fun doing it anyway. I was the devil. Does that match my personality or what?
During camp we had one ward leave a day early because 10 out of 16 people were sick. One had to be taken to the hospital by meeting an ambulance at a convenience store at the bottom of the mountain. That was a little scary. Then one by one more girls in that ward got sick. Then the rain began to fall on Thursday. By evening two other wards were rained out and went home. The other 4 wards stuck it. Three found alternate sheltering. Most had damp sleeping bags and tents. Way to go, girls!

Welcome new baby

These pictures are out of order but, they tell of a wonderful and crazy event anyway. This is Brooke and Andy the day after Danika was born. What a beautiful little family! Welcome to the world sweet, little baby!
Tim and I met at the hospital to see and hold the newest little one to the family. What a little cutie! Tim looks pretty cute, too. He loves being a grandpa.

Rylee and Lana came with me to see and hold Danika. They love her a ton. They had a hard time waiting all day long the day before to see the new baby. She was born after they went to bed the night before.
New dad, Andy holds up the little one for us a few hours after her birth. We are so grateful for a safe delivery...for both Brooke and Danika. Each birth is a miricle.
Andy called to let us know the baby was finally here! Yeah! We had to wait in the waiting area for an hour or so to see the baby and Brooke. While waiting, Jordan and Nikole met us there to wait with us. We got a little crazy with the camera. I look scary. Hope I don't scare any of th grandkids.
Tim played along with us making scary pictures. He doesn't look quite as scary as I do. Tell me, why do men age so much better than women? Their wrinkles don't appear nearly as quickly and they look more distinguished as they age. Go figure!
Jordan and Nikole just got home from their honeymoon to meet us as th hospital. They had a great time and gave us something to do while waiting.
And, finally sweet Nikole. She loves little ones a ton. Thanks for waiting with us at the hospital.