Saturday, February 12, 2011

January and February Events

Hayden went to Chuck-E-Cheese for his birthday. Some of his cousins joined him. Tim and I watched the kids play, too. It was very entertaining.
At our Super Bowl get together Tim won the trophy from Marja. She got to grace the trophy for a whole year. She had to pass it off after the game was over. Marja, you get more and more beautiful every year. When you turn 80 years old you need to begin your beauty pageant tour. You will win Mrs. America...hands down! I would say Miss America, but, you are married!

This year our prediction sheet was a t-shirt that was purchased from Fanzz in the mall. Tim gets to wear this all year long, too! Next year who knows what we'll write our predictions on!
Alex will have his choice of many beautiful women to marry in 20 years. Which one do you think he should pick? We all love Alex and love giving him a rough time. He takes it and is very cute with all the little ones.
Some of the women gathering in the kitchen during the game. It was a very cold January. February began the same way. What is better to do in the cold months than to hibernate and make cookies with some cute little ones? Brielle and Isaak came over one day to make me happy and cook me some cookies. I have to have the traditional cookie baking carry on for several generations. We are well on our way!
One day I got to watch "Despicable Me" with three grandchildren close by keeping me warm.

Here we are goofing off at Rylee's birthday party.
Hayden showed us his dance moves.
Birthday girl, Rylee.

Isaak helped me clean by getting out the vacuum one day, without being asked, and began getting up all the dirt. Danika ran by the cleaner as often as she could! This post is so out of order. But, there it is anyway.

Lana's Dance

Lana is in a little dance class. I have been able to go see her a couple of times. It is so cute to watch the little girls practice and learn dance steps, tumbling and following instructions. The pictures are way out of order, but, you can see her have a lot of fun.
Lana jumps as high as she can...
this time she has to jump wide...
then she leaps and looks to see if grandma notices...
then she takes a water break and gives her grandmother a smile...
and she does a great kick....
she dances her learned song....
but, before she does any of this she does her warm ups. That includes learning how to do the splits. I remember trying to do that. OUCH!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Service Missionary

It is now official! I have a new calling. I am a service missionary working in the Bishops' Storehouse! This is such a wonderful thing for me to do. It was really hard for me to commit to anything that would take me away from being with grandchildren and giving up my time. I know it sounds selfish, but, there it is. I love being there with wonderful people and meeting new people every day. Plus, I get to work in a dedicated building, and, I am on a mission without leaving home!
...and, here is the proof. I even get to wear a name badge. Pretty cool, wouldn't you say?