Friday, October 31, 2008

Today was a family Halloween party with all the grandchildren I have. I got to sit right smack dab in the middle of them all. From left to right, Hayden, Lana, McKenzie, Kate, Isaak, Brielle, Kailie and Rylee. Have you ever seen a cuter bunch of children? I am so blessed!
My youngest granddaughter, Kate. I am not sure how to rotate the picture. Actually I just want to make you look at it by putting your head on your left shoulder.

We took the children outside to have a donut eating contest. They went to town eating it. We, as adults sat there and laughed and took pictures. It was comical to see them eating and trying to not use their hands.

Kate, again. Her dad brought her outside high chair and all. She thinks donuts and family fun is great!

Hayden and Brielle love each other so much. They play so cute together. They were eating each other's candy that was suppose to be used for decorating. Their moms just let them have fun. You can tell the difference between boys and girls. Hayden decorated for just a moment or two where Brielle would frost for quite a while.
And this is my youngest grandson, Isaak. He is so cute! He loves to smile and talk. Kate and Isaak are beginning to like each other, too

Monday I had the opportunity of having the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in my home to feed them dinner. They were appreciative and fun to have there. I strongly advise people the world over to always invite the missionaries inside, feed them, listen to them and talk to them. After all, I too, have a son serving the Lord on a mission in Tennessee! What great young men to give up two years to serve the Lord with all their heart.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have been waiting to blog about this since before I knew how to blog. I have watched others blog about every day things and it has seemed to me like it makes a person more appreciative of the every day things. This is just a part of the beautiful trail I get to jog on most days. My friend and I want to build houses on this section of the trail. It is gorgeous 365 days of the year!

This morning I had the goal of not only jogging a few miles, but, I decided to take my camera and trying to get a picture of a fox. Sometimes they are very difficult to see. Some times the grass is too tall to see them. Today was a whole new adventure. This fox knew we were following him and he kept on going. After a while he doubled back and ran within a couple of feet of us. We turned around and followed it for another 1/4 mile. Then we went to the end of the trail.

Then we saw fox number 2. He disappeared quite quickly and then we saw fox number 1 again. He let us follow him again. It was really quite an adventurous run. On this trail I have seen deer, porcupine, vultures, fox, lots of birds and people.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday evening I had a slumber party at my home. Look at the 5 cute little angels! They are posing for the camera but they really were all asleep by 9;30. The deal is that the first one to sleep gets the first pancake for breakfast in the morning. The second one to sleep gets the second pancake...It works for me. Plus their moms threaten them if they are grouchy bears the next day they may not get another sleep over with grandma for a long time. The little girls love being together. When they see each other they hug and scream their names in greeting. I hope they stay close forever.
Kailie, McKenzie and Brielle love their Uncle Jordan. They missed him so much while he was on his mission. They love watching him play "Dark Cloud." They will sit on his lap for hours and watch him. Sounds boring to me, but if they like it, oh well! I just love having Jordan home!

I know, I know! I am back on the cruise! I am learning a little here and a little there. I just really loved the cruise and I wanted to share this picture. Tim, I and Bowzer from Sha-na-na. Sha-na-na is an old singing group from my younger years. Bowzer we hear about from time to time. It was fun to have him autograph his picture and pose for us! He seemed a genuinely nice guy.
This is one of my favorite summer memories. We invited most of the grandchildren to come have a sleepover in our backyard. Our intentions were to sleep in the tent! The kids helped Tim set up the tent. We got all the sleeping gear ready, got inside the tent for a few hours sleep and the wind came up...strong! We gathered everything up and settled inside and slept on the family room floor. A couple of weeks later we tried again. This time the wind left us alone and we got to sleep all night (with a few potty breaks) long. I may do this every summer. Fun times!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Okay, here we are with post number 2. Wow! I think I am really moving up in the blogger world. A month ago Tim and I went with my sister, Kathie and her husband, Ron on a cruise to Alaska. It was a fabulous trip. We left from Seattle, cruised to Juneau, Skagway and Prince Rupert. We ate, looked at beautiful scenery, walked around the ship and Alaska, took tours, ate a little more, took some pictures and had a great time together. I had no idea how beautiful Alaska is. I want to go back. Ron and Kathie were the perfect traveling partners to be with. They are easy going and full of fun. We are so glad they went on the adventure, too!
This is another picture of our cruise. You wouldn't think it was that fun considering how bundled up we look. We layered up a ton. Really we aren't quite as heavy as we look, well maybe we did by the end of the cruise. We did have a couple of people tell us they could tell Kathie and I were sisters. That is a huge compliment for me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've only just begun!

You may wonder why I would even attempt a blog. After all I am __years old. Is it way to old to begin blogging? Two of my daughters do it and a few nieces blog. I read their blogs to keep up with them and I love it. I have to be shown time after time how to do things. I am of way old school! I am afraid if I touch the wrong button everything will blow up.
Now that I have my little toe wet, I may blog more later on in the day...with a picture! Holy Cow!