Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. Even though it isn't until tomorrow I just want everyone to know I know I am one lucky girl. Tim seems to be getting better and better at watching out for my needs and wants. Tonight he took me out to dinner and then took me to the mall. He hates going to the mall to shop. First of all he needed more spikes for his golf shoes. We got those and then he said he would shop with me for as long as I wanted. I must admit I tormented him for a while. Then I made him go to Kohl's. We went to see if we could get him some shorts before the long ones were all gone. After we found him a couple of pairs of shorts we went to the female side of the store and looked at all the racks. He didn't complain once. We bought me several items of clothing. Thanks for shopping with me, Tim. I know it was a sacrifice for you.
That is just one of the things he has done for me recently that has shown care and concern.
Once again, Happy Valentine's day to all of you I love.

Superbowl party with Larsens

It was Superbowl time last weekend! We always try to get all together for a party and use the excuse of a football game to get together and eat and talk and just hang out. Sara looks really cute all dolled up with blue paint. Go Colts!
Andrew is one of the resident face painters. He had a lot of fun painting faces. Such concentration. Marja wouldn't let us paint her face...after all she was a Saints fan.
Andy looked like he was hiding under a blanket to "nurse" Danika. He was just a little cool and used his baby's blanket. I thought he looked like he was feeding Danika, so I had to take the picture.
Alex (such a cute boy who really needs to one day marry into the 10 years or so from now) found a new way to watch the party. Yup, that is a little kids chair propped on top of his dad with him sitting on it...with all his weight resting on the chair. Ouch!
This is just a little picture of the party gang. We had a lot of fun. Hilary and Bill couldn't come over because of Hayden's birthday and they wanted to do what Hayden wanted to do. Plus Kate and Hayden got tired. If they had gotten into a car they would have fallen asleep. We missed them at the party. Happy Birthday, Hayden.
Thanks for hosting a wonderful party, Tai.
Guess what happened today? Not only is this the day before Valentines Day, but it is the day Andrew officially proposed to Sara to marry him. When do I tell Sara she really doesn't just marry Andrew but she marries the whole family (in a way). I am so glad she told Andrew "yes". We have known Sara for 5-6 years. We appreciate and love her more and more all the time. She is in our hearts and now we can say she is in our family, too. Welcome to the family, Sara.

Andrew and Sara dated for a couple of years in High School. Andrew put out a few of their pictures on the counter. He had Sara come over to our home to feed her and propose to her. I didn't even hide behind a door to watch. Tim and I left for Andrew to be with Sara. It looks like the wedding will be May 7, 2010. We'll keep you posted.
Once again, I love the people our children chose to be their mates. I couldn't have done a better job. Bill, Mike, Andy, Nikole and Sara. Thanks for joining the family. You add a wonderful addition to the family. We love you and appreciate all you do.