Tuesday, March 19, 2013

District Conference at Ile-Ife

I enjoyed this picture because it is something we see often.  Notice the woman with a baby on her back and holding another child's hand, carrying something on her head.  We were in a vehicle following the mission van.  Always travel in 2 or more cars.
Roadside "Toys R Us".
We went to a village to see if we could help them get a borehole for water.  The people are to do several things before it will be done.  When we got there they hadn't done anything on the checklist.  Elder Winget was very discouraged.
This is the chief of the village.  He looked like the oldest man there!
Churches are all over her in Nigeria.  Many different names.  I think this one was called "Deep Life Church".  Kind of small, isn't it?
Sunday morning, at breakfast, Pres. Adebayo's baby was a little bit fussy.  He was rocking her, talking to her, and holding her.  Pretty cute to see him with his little ones.
Tim tried a traditional dish.  He had boiled yams (the white stuff), eggs in sauce (spicy), and beef chunks.  He said it was pretty tasty.
I just loved this sign.  I don't think you would want it outside the Bishop's door hanging there when a Bishop's Court was going on.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brother Ojo

Two weeks ago Tim got on line to look at the announcement of the new missions being created around the world.  One of the new missions is to be in Nigeria.  As he read he notice the name of Brother Ojo, who is an institute director we work with.  It is exciting to see someone we know to receive this big calling.  The next day (Monday morning) in walked Brother Ojo from Calibar.  It was so much fun to talk to him about his new calling and how he received it.  It was a super special morning talking to him.  He brought a big portion of spirit into the room as he talked to us.  He is a humble and special man.  His missionaries will do well when they follow this inspired leader.

Fun February Continues

 Just having fun with John (man on the left) and Williams (man on the right).  Both are PEF participants and fun. John has taught himself how to play the organ...and does a very good job!  Williams is always high energy and busy.  They went on the same mission and lived in the same apartment but were not companions.
 We eat at a local KFC sometimes.  While there one day we saw this group of little boys.  We couldn't resist taking their picture.
 All the missionary couples made a dinner for the Chimezie family, who are an important family to all of us.  We also welcomed the Reynolds who are short term missionary specialists who came to be with the Wingets for a week and a half.  We had a great meal and enjoyed the company with them all!
 Cynthia Chimezie (who ALWAYS has a smile on her face) and Sister Reynolds enjoying an American meal.
This is just a crazy "all girls" picture at the end of the meal.

February 14-15, 2013

 Valentines Day was a wonderful day!  There was such a fun and exciting spirit in the air.  Everyone was excited and happy all day.  We knew there was a General Authority coming to speak to the saints in Lagos.  People were encouraged to take time off work to be there.  The fireside was scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m.   It was fun to anticipate Elder and Sister Clayton's arrival to the chapel.  So much work went into the preperation for the visit.  The picture above was taken of the Ibe family right after the fireside.  Tim and I work very closely with Ike.  He is a great young man with a beautiful and nice wife and three adorable little boys.
 After the fireside we got to go out to eat with Elder and Sister Clayton, Elder and Sister Sitati, Elder and Sister Ojideran, Elder and Sister Madu, Elder and Sister Inyon, Elder and Sister Ekong, Three Stake Presidents and their wives, President and Sister Adebayo (baby Fayi) and the missionary couples.  This is a picture of baby Fayi and her three adopted grandmothers.
 The next day we had a meeting with all the missionaries in the area and the General Authorities and then another meeting a few minutes later with all the service center employees. Personally, I loved meeting Sister Clayton the very most.  She is a warm and enthusiastic woman.  She makes all feel like they could be her best friend!  They were wonderful days.

Peeling Paint...Lekki Market

We heard there was a General Authority making a visit to Lagos, Nigeria.  With that announcement the cleaning and painting and spricing up began.  It was decided that our office needed a coat of paint.  As we pulled off a dry erase board we could see a bubble of paint.  As we pulled on it we got a whole bunch of old paint to peel.  It was so fun to peel paint in preparation of the painting to begin.
 I went to Lekki market with Elder and Sister Brown one day.  I had to take a picture of the market place road leading to the parking lot and shops.  This looks a lot nicer than it really is.  You just have to be here to believe it.  I am getting more use to it the more often I go.
 Elder Ojideran (Man on the left) came in to our office to talk to us.  Wlder Ojideran is the area seventy over the Lagos, Nigeria area.  We work closely with him to keep the PEF program moving the way it should.  As we were talking to him President Adebayo (our mission president) came into the office also.  It was so fun to be involved with their conversation.  They have known each other since they were young.  They could laugh about the past and tell us how much they care about each other.  This is two powerful young men to help lead the country of Nigeria, and the gospel to spread.

Miracles in Nigeria

 "God does notice us, and he watches over us.  But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs." President Spencer W. Kimball
Tim and I experienced this personally. We came on our mission to help others and serve them.  Not the other way around.   One day we went to the mall to go grocery shopping and out to lunch with the other missionary couples.  To make a long story really short, the other couples were in the grocery store and Tim and I were in the food court.  While there Tim passed out (with me trying to catch him), and, as he was going down he pulled over a fake plant on my head, cutting it.  The miracle is this: A young man we know, Phillip, was in the area of the mall.  He has never been in the mall.  He felt impressed to go.  He fought the feeling and eventually went.  He stepped inside the mall. He started down the hallway just in time to help me try to catch Tim.  He helped revive Tim.  Drove us back to our apartment, helped Pres. Adebayo give Tim a blessing.  Pres. Adebayo took Tim and I to the Dr. to check Tim out and to put a stitch in my head.  When they cleaned the wound the doctor just  let the watery blood just run down my neck onto my white shirt.  We are fine.  Phillip has checked on us often.  He feels he saved Tim's life.  Maybe he did.  I am so grateful.  This has taught us so many lessons...Life is fragile...appreciation for my husband...miracles happen...Heavenly Father is watching over us...etc...
Top picture is my shirt I was wearing.  With many washes it came clean.  Next picture is of Tim and Phillip.