Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bryson and Shannon's Wedding

The new Bryson and Shannon Lanterman making their entrance out of the temple on Friday, August 20, 2010. Cute little couple. Congratulations!
I just had to have the bride turn her back to me and look over her shoulder so I could get a picture of the back of her dress. I love dresses that lace up the back.

One more picture of Bryson and Shannon.
Ashley and April. Mom and sister to Bryson. In case you can't tell, the weather was warm, but not hot. It was perfect! Then to have the beautiful temple there...it was icing on the cake!

I asked Tim to pose for a picture. This is what I got. What a goof! Does that look like a really long tongue!? Great weekend. I ran out of battery power on my camera. We also went to the Newport Beach temple. That is another beautiful temple! Saturday evening we got on a yacht, the Elektra, for a family reception. We were told Ronald Reagan liked using this particular yacht. It was nice.

Education Week 2010

I spent 3 days going to religion classes at BYU. I go with friends every year, because I wouldn't go by myself. This year it seemed the theme was ENDURE TO THE END. Life has it's challenges and we were given help on seeing how to keep going with faith, happiness and peace.
I just had to take a picture of one of the beautiful flower beds on campus. Maybe I will copy it in a flower bed of my own next year.
My friends at Education Week. Pam and Karey. We just asked a stranger to help us by taking our picture together. Thanks, stranger. After all, are any of us really strangers?