Tuesday, March 23, 2010

caucus meeting...my soap box for the evening

I wish I had a camera at the meeting I went to tonight. It was truly amazing. Tonight was a Republican party caucus meeting. I have been to several before. Usually when I have attended there is only a handful of people there. As Tim and I drove up to the high school where the meeting was to be held I was impressed to see several cars at the intersection of the road waiting to get into the parking lot. All the high school parking lots were full. Tim and I parked down the street and by a public library. As we got inside the building it was thrilling to see the auditorium 80% filled to capacity. The meeting opened with a prayer asking for divine guidance! Yes! It looked to me like, in most people's hearts we still turn to God! Then we had a boy scout troupe post the flag of the United States of America and then hundreds of people said the "Pledge of Allegiance" together! That was a thrill! Then the Republican Party bi-laws for the state of Utah were read. I challenge all of you who read this to find on the internet a copy of this document. It is wonderful, strong, inspired and easy to understand. We then broke off and went to our individual voting precinct meetings to vote for those we wanted to represent us in the upcoming county and state conventions. It was good to see a meeting of the minds with a whole room of people. The funny event of the evening was when the fire alarms went off in the building and we all looked at each other wondering what we were really suppose to do. We eventually realized it could be a real emergency and exited the building.
Point of this blog post. It is important to be politically involved in any way you can. Be a voting judge, go to caucus meetings, vote, whatever you can do to make your voice heard. Let us make people in Washington, DC know that the majority will be silent no longer! The minority have been given too much voice for too long.
And, God Bless America!

Friday, March 19, 2010


We have a winner, winner, winner! Congratulations, Angie Merx. Yes, I am taking piano lessons and have been doing so since September. I can't play in front of anyone. My piano teacher tells me I have to play for someone (Oh, no!) and I really have a hard time with it. Yet, I know she is right. Tim will obviously be my first audience. Maybe my second audience will be you, my blogging buddies. FYI...piano lessons at an older age is more difficult. I have to practice twice as much as a younger person! But, the upside to it is that I also enjoy it twice as much!

clue #7

I practice this new adventure for an hour each day and I go to a teacher one day a week. I may not be as SHARP as a tack nor am I FLAT chested.

clue # 6

I guess you can tell I am nervous to share with anyone what I am doing. It is a much bigger deal to me that it is to anyone else. Big clue...think black and white.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

clue #5

I would love to go back to school and what I am doing will help my brain power to be able to some day do that. I would consider what I am doing on the artistic side.

Clue #4

No to tennis classes or training for a marathon. Although they are both great ideas! I am thinking of running a half marathon in October. I am not making candies or making quilts for all my grandchildren...another couple of great ideas. But, I find great enjoyment in my new project. Clue: Sit up and take notes!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hint #3

Okay. For hint #3 I will tell you I have tried to do this thing about 4 times before in my life. You would think that with trying this other times I would be able to do it well. But, I am a slow person. Maybe this time it will work.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Game part 2

When I was much younger I was so afraid I would be the woman in the neighborhood who got pregnant at 50 years old. Since that isn't my secret I will pass on hint number 2.

I do this in my home but it could be done many places...around the world!

Friday, March 12, 2010

guesses anyone?

Okay. I am ready to share a secret. But, in order to share it we are going to play a game. I will give clues and the first person to guess what my secret is will get a prize. The first clue is:

I started this secret in September and only a few people know what it is.

Not much of a clue but I didn't want to give it away the first posting.