Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Memory of Karen

How do I begin this post? It is a little difficult to do, but, one that needs to be done.
Tim and I met this couple for the first time on June 6, 2009. I told you about them a few postings ago. These two know my son, Elder Andrew Jennings, who is serving in the Knoxville, Tennessee Mission. A few months ago Andrew wrote and told us Keith and Karen were coming here to visit family and would come to see us. They did come and spend a few enjoyable hours. Karen was open and told us she was fighting cancer and had even received chemo twice here while visiting. They told us that they began dating while she was bald, throwing up and fighting against her cancer. For 7 years she has been fighting it. This evening I looked at my caller ID and noticed a phone call from Knoxville, Tennessee. A Sister Clark called and said, "Elder Jennings is just fine but he asked me to call you and ask you a special favor." I called them back and Sister Clark told me that Karen died this morning and Elder Jennings wanted us to send the family some flowers. I was not expecting to hear this. Keith and Karen were still visiting her in this state and taking classes at a local university. Karen looked weak two weeks ago, but, not that weak. In honor of Karen I will write a little of what I learned about her in the small time I got to know her.
My memories of Karen:
A young woman with a lot of love for her husband. (And, he loves her, too!)
She was never a quitter
She didn't expect anyone to wait on her...very independant.
She would share her experiences, good and bad and make you feel comfortable asking about her
She smiled often.
Never complains.
Intelligent and wanting to learn more.
Beautiful inside and out.
Loves her family.
She loves her Savior, Jesus Christ and served him happily.
She has a love for music and could play several instruments.
Karen is a wonderful person and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet her. I know she will be missed. I wish her family peace and comfort in the lonely days ahead.

Birthday bash with friends...shopping!

Four choice friends decided to take me shopping and out to lunch for my birthday. We headed out to Park City to the outlet mall. We did a lot of shopping, very little buying and a lot of talking. Thanks, friends. You mean a whole lot to me. Each friend brings something new into my life. These four women are caring, full of wisdom, smart, funny, and teach me many things. Again, thanks, Pam, Kathy, Gloria and Karey!
One of Andrew's high school buddies, co-study partner, and pal around friend just got home today from his mission. Welcome home, Josh. It is great having you home.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wedding for Jordan and Nikole

The evening before Jordan and Nikole were married Tim and I tried to help set up. Nikoles family had things well under control. But, it gave me a good chance to take this picture of them the night before the wedding and meet some more of her great relatives.
The next morning we arrived to the temple and watched Jordan and Nikole be sealed for time and all eternity! It was a beautiful ceremony. Nikole is beautiful and Jordan is handsome. I just don't have any more pictures on my camera of them. Look at Hilary or Tai's blog for that. I am so pathetic when it comes to what to take pictures of.

This is a picture of just a few of the incredible people from our family who came to be there for Jordan and Nikole. Far left in the sunglasses is Nancy, Sheila, Kathie, Sherryl, Becky, Marilyn and Arlene. These are all women who have been a great influence in my life. I would not like to live without them. Any one who knows any of them would agree.
Sweet McKenzie giving her grandpa a huge hug. Can a grandparent get too many of these? No!
Cute little cousins playing together out in the sunshine! Kailie, Rylee and Lana. They were just walking around in circles...so cute.
All 8 of Tim and I's grandchildren with their great-grandmother...Tim's mom. They were looking directly into the sun and it was a little difficult. They are darned cute! I submit I have the cutest grandchildren, anywhere.
Brielle spinning and dancing. Do you love the pictures of the Bride and Groom? It took so long for them to get outside, and, somehow I quit taking pictures and expected the photographer to take over. The rest of the day was wonderful. I was told, and I believe it to be true, Friday was the only day it hasn't rained in our area since June 1st. Saturday and today it rained, also. It is a day to remember for many reasons. I am grateful for my children...all of them. They all married people I love and admire. They are giving me these great grandchildren and fabulous husband.
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zion National Park

Another quick post without pictures. I was so proud of myself that I remembered to grab my camera to take with us to Zion national Park. I knew we would get great photos and ones people would want to see and comment on. Tim and I left by 10:00 in the morning to get down there early. We ended up stopping often and taking our sweet time getting there. We ate at one of our favorite restaurants in Provo...and stopped about 5 more times. It was fun. Usually we get in the car and get to our destination as quick as possible. When we got to the park we were amazed at the road, mountains, rocks, and everything about the area. Wow! I am going to get great pictures! I got my camera out to take my first picture, I turned on the camera, and then I saw the notice...no card. Can you believe it? But really. Go to Zion National Park. Plan on staying a few days to hike and look. Wow!
It was a great reunion. I love seeing my family, all of them. They are incredible people. The all have their strengths and I look up to them for a variety of reasons.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sorry, no pictures with this one. But there is a funny story, does that count? 15 years ago Tim and I ordered CD's from a company. We were getting them free. Somehow we got a CD by an artist we had never heard of. Tim and I looked at it and didn't know what to do with it. It was free so we really didn't want to spend time and money to send it back. A friend came over and I was showing her the CD and I asked her if she had ever heard of him. She said she really liked him and I gave it to her. After all, he is a country western singer. She took it and then Hilary began listening to country. Then we knew who Collin Raye was. I like his music. Later on we bought the CD we gave away. Yesterday I was preparing to go to a family reunion today. I got a phone call from Tim and he asked me if I would like to go to a concert later in the evening. I said that I had too much to do. He then said I should hear who was the singer. Yup, it was Collin Raye, the only singer I would like to go to a concert of. We went and had a fun time.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tennessee connection

Andrew wrote in a letter several months ago about some really super people he met in Tennessee, where he is serving his mission. He told us they were coming to Utah for a vacation because they are both from this area. Saturday evening they came for dinner. We think they are great people. He is going to University of Tennessee for his doctorate in math and she teaches grade school music. They are incredible people. She is fighting a form of cancer and treatments aren't going as expected. They dated while she was bald and going through chemo treatments. They loved each other enough to not let anything get in their way of marriage. We are grateful they stopped by and say hello.