Saturday, June 9, 2012

Piano Recital and Sheila's Birthday

 Today was my sister, Sheila's, birthday.  Her daughter threw her a little birthday party and invited family members who live close to come by and celebrate.   Chanel has been learning about creating wonderful new foods and fed us a great dinner.    Happy birthday, Sheila. You look cute with your little grandson, Ryne.
 Six out of ten children...not too bad!  Becky, Quinn, Dianne, Mike, Sheila and Becky.
 Earlier in the day Tim and I went to a piano recital to hear Kailie and McKenzie play beautiful music from Disney.  Brielle came up to give me a hug.  Love grandchildren!  It's the best!
 Tim and his little buddy, Isaak.  Brielle in the back kept her sunglasses on the entire recital.  They made her see better.
 McKenzie studying her piano solo before getting up to play.
 Tai, Kailie, Isaak and I waiting for the music to start.
 Kailie playing her song...
 ...and McKenzie playing hers.  McKenzie had to stand by the piano for her to be able to play the last note and put her foot on the loud pedal.  Cute.
 Tai and KaiKai.
Kenzie, Tim and Mike enjoying the moment.  Fun day.