Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25 fun

This morning we woke up to it snowing! We shouldn't be surprised, but, I thought it would make a great blog posting. Brooke spent the night with us because her husband was out of town. So, this is how we spent our cold early spring day

We HAD to have hot chocolate for breakfast to warm our little souls. So hot chocolate and friendship bread it was. It was way yummy I may add.

After warming our tummies we attacked my hair. Brooke colored it. Before she colored it I put on one of Tim's shirts. I didn't want coloring to stain any of my clothes! I will also add, I do appreciate make-up. Obviously I don't have any on. Well, after the coloring of the hair I was off to the shower. After washing my hair in the shower Brooke trimmed my hair.

But, while we were working on my hair we watched this movie. We laughed at all the great spots. I highly recommend this movie!

Also, before the shower, while waiting for my hair to process, we made cookies!
What a shocker.

All ready to go to our next! We went to the distribution center for some needed underclothing for the pregnant one...

And then off to the mall where we found this darling dress for Brooke. So cute!
After that, we went home, to her doctors appointment, and home again, for dinner. Brooke left to go the airport to pick up her husband. Thanks for the fun day, Brooke.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Basketball and new movie

Last weekend Tim and I went to Las Vegas to watch basketball, basketball and more basketball. BYU did okay and the University of Utah men's and women team both won the tournament. That was exciting. A friend and I did a little shopping. The highlight of the shopping was talking to a girl who was raised in yugoslavia and we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. That was really cool.
This is where we ate dinner for two evenings in a row. We walked from the Mack arena to eat here. It was a good walk to get there, to get the kinks out of our legs and move.

Last night I had most of my granddaughters in my home for a moment. They all sat on the couch to watch a new movie. It was Barbie's "Thumbelina." It was a really cute movie. I had to take a picture of all the little girls lined up on the couch. Just take a look!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Back!!!

For Valentine's Day (I know it was almost a month ago) Tai and I made fruit flower arrangements. I would never have done it without her, but, here is the one I made for Tim. It turned out okay. I would maybe even do it again. To the side you can see candy, that is what Tim gave me for Valentine's Day. I am happy to report I haven't even eaten them all...yet. They are soooo good. Come over and I may even share! Remind me I hid them in the food storage section of my house so I would maybe forget easier that I had them.

Saturday Tim and I played with Rylee, Lana, Kate, and Hayden. We had so much fun! Hilary brought over sack lunches for them to eat. We made it into a family room floor picnic. Then we colored, played hide-and-seek, read, played basketball, and did a little hula-hoop. We had a blast!

When they went home Tim and I turned to each other and voiced the opinion it was a great visit...very successful.