Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. Even though it isn't until tomorrow I just want everyone to know I know I am one lucky girl. Tim seems to be getting better and better at watching out for my needs and wants. Tonight he took me out to dinner and then took me to the mall. He hates going to the mall to shop. First of all he needed more spikes for his golf shoes. We got those and then he said he would shop with me for as long as I wanted. I must admit I tormented him for a while. Then I made him go to Kohl's. We went to see if we could get him some shorts before the long ones were all gone. After we found him a couple of pairs of shorts we went to the female side of the store and looked at all the racks. He didn't complain once. We bought me several items of clothing. Thanks for shopping with me, Tim. I know it was a sacrifice for you.
That is just one of the things he has done for me recently that has shown care and concern.
Once again, Happy Valentine's day to all of you I love.

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