Monday, July 12, 2010

Tim Jennings First Family Reunion

It is a first! We have now under our belt a family reunion. It was short and very sweet. We met at 6:00 at our home to cook meats on the barbeque grill. Lots of other foods were prepared and present. The first picture I took was of Hayden. He really doesn't like to get his picture taken. I asked him to smile. Instead of a smile a got a tongue sticking out. After the picture was taken then he smiled.
Just a small sampling of the good food. Salads, chips, dinner rolls, fruit, chips and 7 layer dip...etc. Yummy.

Jordan and Nikole marinaded this hunk of meat and another one just like it. They were more that generous to share with any who wanted to try. I think it was called a London Broil. But, since I don't eat much meat (like none) I didn't pay much attention to what it was called. Open wide!

Cute little girls enjoying their food. Usually when they get together we have a hard time getting them to eat. They want to play more than eat.
Brielle and Hayden chummed around a lot during the day. They are as close as ever. Hayden still doesn't want his picture taken. It is a cute shot anyway.
I made Rylee show me her plate of food. Looks good, Rylee!
Brooke shared Danika's dinner. I think they both enjoyed the grapes.
Andy helped Isaak learn how to climb on my bed. It was way cute to see the uncles and aunts play with all the children during the evening.
Kids are just relaxing on my bed after the big dinner and before the evening of games were to begin! They also tried to watch part of a movie. Not enough time!

Some of the family doing what needs to be done during a reunion. Talking! While we were doing this, Hilary, Bill and Rylee were at the church house setting up games from "Minute to Win It".

Nikole and Jordan! Married a year now! Cute couple.

Andrew and Sara. They are old marrieds now. They have been married 2 whole months!

Andy, Danika and Brooke. Danika is now a walker! Cute family!
Tai and Mike Smith family. We were all waiting to get into the cultural hall. I didn't get a picture of Bill and Hilary's family. I may have to go over to their home when Bill gets home from work and snap a quick picture and blog it later.
Hilary and Bill took all of us around to each of the game stations to explain each game. We all listened so attentively. It worked! All the people knew how to play each game.
Just Noodling Around! Brielle was my game buddy for the night. Each adult got to have a child as their partner. It worked very well! This game was tricky. You had to put 6 ziti noodles on a spaghetti noodle, without the help of your hands. All in a minute. Brielle and I helped each other just a little bit!

Andrew was Hayden's buddy. This game was called something like "Sticky Situation" The object of the game was to bounce a ping-pong ball on the floor and got the ball to land on a peanut butter spread piece of bread.
The object of this challenge was to separate the M&M's into the corresponding colored cups, one at a time, red, orange, yellow, green, blue. In 1 minute. I thought I did it. Then when I looked at the cups I saw I had put some green candies in the blue cup. Oops!
"Johnny Applestack" is the name of this game. Try to get 5 apples to balance on top of each other in 1 minute. The kids only needed to do 3. Brielle did it. Just no picture of it.

I can't remember the name of this one. It was so fun, funny and fun to watch. You put 8 ping-pong balls into an empty Kleenex box, tie it to your waist and jump around, twist, wiggle your bootie, whatever it takes to get the balls out....yup, in a minute.

"Face the Cookie" was the next challenge. You put an oreo cookie on your forehead and with facial muscles only move the cookie down and into your mouth. You had 1 minute to get 3 cookies one at a time into the mouth.
Stacking the cups. You have a minute to get the blue cup back to the top by taking one red cup off at a time, putting it on the bottom. Forcing the blue one back to the top.
Do you know how hard it is to keep 3 ballons airborn at a time for an entire minute? Go try it. We let the little ones do one or two balloons.
Can you tell we are all getting a little bit tired by now? McKenzie tried keeping the balloons up, too!

I caught a quick picture of Lana getting the oreo into her mouth...not quite! Good try!
Everyone got a piece of candy for trying each game. Mike enjoyed his piece of bubble gum. It stuck to his lip after blowing the bubble. Cute, Mike!

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Bilary said...

Thanks for hosting this! It was lots of fun! We all loved it, and between all of us, we got lots of fun pictures.