Saturday, January 4, 2014

Going home this week!

We are going to go home this week!  We have enjoyed our mission.  It has been one of the hardest things I have ever done, for several reasons.  Like all hard things, I have learned a lot!  I will never be able to tell all of the experiences we have had. It would bore most people to tears.  You will probably hear most of it in bits and pieces.  We just hope we remember it.
What this posting is really about is the anticipation of going home.  We can't wait to see family and friends.  Several weeks ago we got a letter from one of our children.  Their daughter wrote the following poem.
To Grandma and Grandpa
Thanksgiving is now too close to wait,
We'll fill our bellies,
And clear our plate,
Then soon after you will see St. Nick,
With eight strong reindeer,
Each sneaky, and slick.
Then friends will gather from far and from near,
And at midnight all yell,
"Happy New Year!"
Our countdown will be getting short,
Because soon after we will pick you up,
From the Salt Lake Airport.
We'll have a big party,
And pin you like crazy,
Without feeling sorry.
We will do all the things that we used to,
Whatever it may be,
You're always fun-we love being with you!
We laugh and we play,
We had sleepovers and ate pancakes,
It was wo fun, wouldn't you say?
We are all so excited!
It will be fantastic!
Our happiness will be unlimited.
We love you so much and look forward to your getting home!
Love, the Ecclestons


Andy and Brooke said...

Those talented Ecclestons!!!

Beverly Davis said...

I have been watching your blog. So happy for both of you!! When is your homecoming? We would love to see you both!!

Dianne said...

Our homecoming is this Sunday, January 12 at 9:00 a.m. We would love to see you! We didn't get to post much on blog because blog didn't work for much of our mission! I am sure it has to do with where we are.