Monday, February 2, 2009

A moving and super bowl blog post

It is official! Tai, Mike, and their wonderful children bought their own home and moved out. The girls got into the action and helped carry items out to vehicles to move to their new home. So, you see two pictures of moving day.
Do you have any idea how many times we carried boxes up the stairs and out to the trucks? I don't either, but it was a great work out.

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, which, in and of itself isn't a big deal to me, excepting, our great friends come and watch it with us every year. It makes it so much fun! We laugh at some of the commercials and scratch our heads at others. This year's game was a close one. You didn't know until the final play who would win. A couple of weeks ago Tim learned there would be a three-D commercial during the game. He brought home these lovely 3-D glasses. I couldn't wait to try them.

Brooke and Andy look smashing, don't you think?

My friend, Marja is such a good sport. We are so blessed to have this family as friends. They add so much life to a party. We had time to catch up on family events, ate a little, and had fun just having them in our home. They all have infectious laughs. We love you and so appreciate all you do for our family!
Final group shot of the super bowl bandits!


Bilary said...

Fun post! Love the glasses! They are absolutely smashing! Did they really work?

Larsens said...

That was a fun party. I'm still full even though I had bread pudding and brownies for lunch. Thank you for being such great friends. We truly love you.

Tai said...

Great party!! Thanks for all the great food and fun!

Bilary said...

Hey, I'm waiting for a new blog post! Come on. Give me something to read, will ya?!:)

Curtis and Jen said...

tell tai and mike to have an open house and congrats!

Bilary said...

Still waiting for another blog post!:)