Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wicked with Brooke and Sara

9 months ago Sara enlightened us on the coming of a new play called, "Wicked". I had heard about the play from her a few years before. I thought it sounded boring. After all, how could it compete with "The Wizard of Oz"? Because I didn't want to appear like I was a stuck in the mud kind of girl I acted all excited to go when Sara offered to get our tickets. She had some wonderful connection through her mom. Brooke and I asked her to get us some since our husbands didn't want to go. So this is our wicked girls night out date. We began by going shopping and walking around. I think we wore out our pregnant shopper.
You tell me...does she look worn out? At this store you can try their foot massager but since she is pregnant they said she couldn't use it. Sara and I browsed the store while Brooke took a 5 minute break.

Then off to dinner! We decided on Olive Garden since it was across the street from the theatre. We had to wait for a few minutes. While waiting for our table our fourth member of our party arrived. Brooke and I shared a meal and Sara and Natalie shared a meal so we could feel guilt free to order desserts! Yummy! For some reason we got one of our desserts free. It's because the head waiter asked Sara if he could have a bite. Without blinking an eye Sara offered him her fork! I guess it was only a test and she passed with flying colors. After dessert we rolled our bodies to Wicked!
Natalie, Brooke and Sara were having fun in this cool chair, so, it became a picture moment.

After the show we got a stranger to take a group shot for us. I loved the show. I think in many ways I liked it better than "Phantom" or "Les Miserables", and you know how good they both are! Sara wouldn't tell us the entire story line and I am glad. I think maybe I liked it so much because I expected nothing and was pleasantly surprised. I sang the songs in my head all night and woke up with them still swirling around. I played them in my car all day today, too. Thanks again, Sara! I would recommend it to anyone.


Bilary said...

How fun! Those are some cute pictures too. So did you buy the CD or something? Or did you buy it before you went so that you would be familiar with the music? Just curious. What a fun day/night though!

Tai said...

Look like fun. Glad you liked it!

Larsens said...

I have always wanted to go but couldn't get tickets. Maybe one day I'm lucky enough to get tickets. I'm glad you had fun.

Curtis and Jen said...

I am glad you liked it. You must of had some serious connections to get tickets for that play. I heard the play is so much better than the book. Girls nights are the best!!! Sounds like a great excuse to shop.

Tai said...

i love you and your house kailie