Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long blog,not much to the point

A few weeks ago I went to a Mary Kay make-up demonstration. I only bought one expensive item. It is a collegen anti-aging cream for the face. I thought I would try it for a few weeks to see if I could see a difference. If I don't think there is an improvement I can take it back. So, what do you think? Is there any difference between the top picture and the bottom picture?
Cast your vote. I need to know if I take the product back.
The girls in my family hosted a family shower for Sara. I had someone take my camera during the party to capture the shower in picture. I forgot to check it and get some of the important ones of the bride, her mom and grandmother! But, I got this one of Sara and Nikole. Pretty cute girls.
Next Shower: At Sara's sorority bridal shower (I was glad I was invited to it) Andrew and Sara were to answer "How Well Do You Know Your Fiance'" questions. When they got a question wrong they had to pop another piece of bubble gum into their mouths. Sara really had quite a huge blob of gum in her mouth.
We got to make wedding dresses, out of rolls of toilet paper. It was quite difficult for me to be creative. But, look at the dress on the far left as you look at this picture. Now, that one looks good! I thought it won...hands down. Poor Andrew had to wear the dress I made.
Tai ran the Salt Lake City half-marathon. She set a goal to run it in under 2 hours. She did it. And, then was sick the rest of the day. Way to go Tai!
Note: If you have never watched a marathon, you should. It is amazing and humbling to watch those men and women giving it their all to run that many miles! I really fight back tears of emotions watching the runners. Am I just a big bawl baby?
Is it winter, or is it spring? Take your pick. After a few days of warmth we seem to go back to winter. Sun, rain, then snow. All in the same week. I enjoy the slow movement to the hot summer. Break me in slowly to the heat.

My sister, Sheila, graduated from Brigham Young University last Friday. Congratulations, Sheila. I am so excited she set her goal to graduate and did it.

After the graduation ceremony Chanel, Sheila's daughter, had a party to celebrate Sheila's accomplishment. Sheila, you are awesome. I admire you. In case you couldn't tell, your brother's and sister's are all happy for you, too. 7 out of 9 of your siblings were to your party.
Thank you Chanel for hosting this wonderful party.


Larsens said...

I can see a HUGE difference between those two photos. Don't take it back. Looks like it is working. But you don't need anything anyway, you look beautiful.
Congrats to Tai on the half marathon and Sheila for graduation. That's awesome for both of them. Great accomplishments.
And yes, I hate the weather right now, if you were wondering. See you next week.

Curtis and Jen said...

Looks like it is working to me! I am interested in looking into all the anti-wrinkle cream. I am about to hit my 30's---Oh NO! I heard Sheila had a wonderful party. I wish I could have been there.

sheila said...

I say get me some of that miracle cream to get rid of my wrinkles too. Really, I can see a difference. Tai is awesome. So happy for Andrew and Sarah!! Thanks again for your support.