Monday, January 10, 2011

December parties

For Christmas, 2010, Tim gave me a wonderful camera. It is a camera I could learn to use many ways. It will take me a long while to figure out all of its features. Look at the beautiful pictures it takes!
Jordan and Nikole let me play with the camera on Christmas Day by taking their picture. I will add they are a cute couple!
Tim and I gave each other too many gifts! We had a wonderful morning opening and visiting grandchildren!
Tim got a short nap in the late morning. He didn't know I would be taking his picture. Surprise!
December 11, 2010 was the date we got together for our yearly Condie Christmas party. Can you believe all this wonderful family? I am so blessed to be a member of the family. We ate, did a pinata, blanket toss, Christmas pie, talked, had a wonderful program with the children doing the nativity...It was a wonderful day.
On the 2nd Sunday in December we got together at Hilary and Bill's. Before we all went over to their home, Hilary arranged for a neighbor to come and take a family picture. This is the one I wanted to use for my Christmas letter. I just had too many camera problems and was a little handicapped when it came to getting the picture sent to Walmart to get on a Christmas card.

I know these pictures are all backwards. It has just been too long since I have blogged. I forgot how to do it.

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