Monday, August 8, 2011

Grandkids Party at Chuck-E-Cheese

Tim suggested we take the grandkids to Chuck-E-Cheese before Brooke and Andy move away. The kids love any excuse to get together. We all loved the evening. I just thought I had better blog again and this was a great evening to blog about.

McKenzie and Hayden ate together. The rule was, the kids had to eat a piece of pizza before they got to take tokens and go play.

While waiting for some of the cousins we tried entertaining the rest by taking a few pictures. Luckily the pizza came out of the oven just as the rest got there.

We turned our backs on Danika for just a second and she decided to pour herself a drink of chocolate milk...using the lid as her cup. She spilled just a little.

When I asked Tai and Mike to pose this is what I got. Pretty cute!

Brooke and Danika. Just look at that yummy pizza!

Tim and Kailie. I guess the pizza was very tasty!

Kailie and Lana. What cuties!

Kate, Danika, and Hayden showing off their driving skills. Watch ou

Hayden kind of cheated. You can't tell, but, he is standing on the game to get himself closer to the basket.

The cousins played together so well. Sometimes with one cousin and then sometimes with another. It was so cute.

Cute Kenzie. She posed in front of a camera...a lot.

Hayden flew up so high! He had to pedal as fast as he could to get the contraption to fly high.

Mike and Tim had to try their had at basketball. I don't know who won. I think they were both winners just for being together.

Danika found herself a new pet.

Brielle won a ton of tickets doing "Whack-A-Mole".

Kate and Isaak were way into their racing abilities. Their concentration level was intense. Don't you think so?

Kate got so excited when she discovered how fun the clock ride was.

The men had fun at the party, too. I loved seeing them relax and enjoy the fun.

One final picture before we went to the counter to buy our prizes earned from our tickets. Guess what we bought. Cotton candy!

Back row left to right. Hayden, Lana, Kailie, Rylee, McKenzie
Front row left to right. Isaak, Danika, Brielle and Kate.

Thanks everyone for the party!

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Bilary said...

You got some way cute pictures! Thanks again for having them. They loved it!