Monday, December 3, 2012

Freeway Flat Tire Adventures

To begin a post you really need good news first.  That would be the authentic Nativity scene.  We had a young artist come to our office and sell us the nativity scene.  We weren't sure how to get him to leave without purchasing one set.  Now that I am here and looking closely at the nativity set, I really appreciate the artwork in the details of the faces.  Maybe you just have to be here to appreciate it.
We travelled to Victoria Island to go Black Friday Shopping.  We took a young man with us to drive.  While on the Third Mainland Bridge our tire blew out.  Elder Jennings and Elder Brown directed traffic away from the van while Elder Winget and Ike changed the tire.  When we told the mission president about the flat tire he was very upset that the vehicle had a tire on it that looked this bad. 

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Flora Lee said...

Glad you are okay after your flat tire adventure. I think the men make great traffic directors. We are coming up on another Storehouse Christmas party this Thursday, the 13th.