Monday, April 29, 2013

Catch-Up Time...No pictures

I am having an incredibly difficult time with Blog. For a while all I could get was Blog in French.  I don't speak French.  I don't write in French.  Now I can't get pictures to post with my words.  That is so boring.  I think I will write a little any way.  Sorry if it bores you.  But, I want to write something to let some know we haven't dropped off the face of the earth.

It has been a month or so since our last "inside the building" rainstorm.  I hope I didn't just jinx myself.  The Facility Management people are working on getting the problem fixed.  That is one great thing.

We have been doing a little day trips.  We have been to other branches outside of Ikeja and plan on visiting many more.  The President would like us to go and observe and see where help could be offered.  We have met some wonderful Brothers and Sisters while doing this. 

We have visited fish farms and poultry farms.  At one fish farm we were instructed by the owner on how to raise good fish for eating.  We asked quite a few questions.  He was a wonderful man to talk to.  He is a member of the church and attends his meetings each Sunday.  The baby fish have to be fed every 2 hours.  As you know, church alone is three hours, plus travel time to get to the church house.  We asked him the question what he does on Sunday when he has to feed the baby fish every two hours.  He turned to us and said, "I get us very early and prepare.  I feed the fish and do what needs to be done.  I then turn it over to the Lord."

The last two Saturdays have been Relief Society activities.  The first Saturday was a ward event.  We were to bring our cooking samples to be judged...and eaten.  I was volunteered to bring cookies.  Last Saturday was a Stake event with about the same agenda...and, yes I grought cookies once more.  I think I am done making cookies for a week or two.

Today is Tim and I's 36th wedding anniversary.  No presents...just gifts of the heart.  Tim has done much better than I.  He has washed the dishes, all of them, all day long.  He has tried to let me do what I want, all day long.  I am a very blessed person. 


Amanda Bj. said...

So glad you guys are doing well! I can't believe you've been gone as long as you have. Love you!

Flora Lee said...

Happy Anniversary!
Thanks for the email this morning. Our last day at the storehouse was rather hectic. The monthly reports were due and what with training new missionaries and all it was just a little overwhelming. I will miss the storehouse and all the good people who serve there.
Glad to hear you are still making cookies.