Tuesday, March 19, 2013

District Conference at Ile-Ife

I enjoyed this picture because it is something we see often.  Notice the woman with a baby on her back and holding another child's hand, carrying something on her head.  We were in a vehicle following the mission van.  Always travel in 2 or more cars.
Roadside "Toys R Us".
We went to a village to see if we could help them get a borehole for water.  The people are to do several things before it will be done.  When we got there they hadn't done anything on the checklist.  Elder Winget was very discouraged.
This is the chief of the village.  He looked like the oldest man there!
Churches are all over her in Nigeria.  Many different names.  I think this one was called "Deep Life Church".  Kind of small, isn't it?
Sunday morning, at breakfast, Pres. Adebayo's baby was a little bit fussy.  He was rocking her, talking to her, and holding her.  Pretty cute to see him with his little ones.
Tim tried a traditional dish.  He had boiled yams (the white stuff), eggs in sauce (spicy), and beef chunks.  He said it was pretty tasty.
I just loved this sign.  I don't think you would want it outside the Bishop's door hanging there when a Bishop's Court was going on.


Flora Lee said...

Your pictures tell a wonderful story. At first I was thinking the women carrying things on their heads had umberellas they were holding up. Love the bishops court one too.

Ife Ooye said...

what is the name of the village you went to in ile-ife? i am from ile-ife but i live in maryland USA. ile-ife is the oldest town in yoruba land and the ccenter of yoruba civilization. i just came back from there like 3 months ago and i cant wait to go back. the food he was eating is a nice food, yam with egg stew, it taste better with peanut in it (not peanut butter). you can read more about ile-ife at www.ifeooye.com i like the work you are doing and you can request for more information on my website. have a nice day