Friday, October 31, 2008

Today was a family Halloween party with all the grandchildren I have. I got to sit right smack dab in the middle of them all. From left to right, Hayden, Lana, McKenzie, Kate, Isaak, Brielle, Kailie and Rylee. Have you ever seen a cuter bunch of children? I am so blessed!
My youngest granddaughter, Kate. I am not sure how to rotate the picture. Actually I just want to make you look at it by putting your head on your left shoulder.

We took the children outside to have a donut eating contest. They went to town eating it. We, as adults sat there and laughed and took pictures. It was comical to see them eating and trying to not use their hands.

Kate, again. Her dad brought her outside high chair and all. She thinks donuts and family fun is great!

Hayden and Brielle love each other so much. They play so cute together. They were eating each other's candy that was suppose to be used for decorating. Their moms just let them have fun. You can tell the difference between boys and girls. Hayden decorated for just a moment or two where Brielle would frost for quite a while.
And this is my youngest grandson, Isaak. He is so cute! He loves to smile and talk. Kate and Isaak are beginning to like each other, too

Monday I had the opportunity of having the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in my home to feed them dinner. They were appreciative and fun to have there. I strongly advise people the world over to always invite the missionaries inside, feed them, listen to them and talk to them. After all, I too, have a son serving the Lord on a mission in Tennessee! What great young men to give up two years to serve the Lord with all their heart.


Bilary said...

Thanks a bunch for coming over to our house for a party today. The kids loved having you here and thank you for the fun treasure hunt and surprises. They LOVED them! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to play. You are a darn cool grandma!:) We love you!

Tai said...

Thanks for coming to the Halloween Party with us. It always makes it more fun for everyone when grandma comes. You got some cute pictures. I can't believe how fast you posted them!! Thanks again for all you do for all of us. You are great.

Watts Family said...

Yeah I finally added you to my blog! You are so much more tech savvy than my mother. Sorry I missed the sister's party...I heard it was a blast.

Andrea said...

Sounds like fun! I love the kid pics. You guys know how to have a party :).

I don't see many missionaries here in Germany, however the J. Witnesses brought reading material recently. If we see some missionaries here, they are welcome to eat with us-it is a little chaotic though. They may run away...