Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday evening I had a slumber party at my home. Look at the 5 cute little angels! They are posing for the camera but they really were all asleep by 9;30. The deal is that the first one to sleep gets the first pancake for breakfast in the morning. The second one to sleep gets the second pancake...It works for me. Plus their moms threaten them if they are grouchy bears the next day they may not get another sleep over with grandma for a long time. The little girls love being together. When they see each other they hug and scream their names in greeting. I hope they stay close forever.
Kailie, McKenzie and Brielle love their Uncle Jordan. They missed him so much while he was on his mission. They love watching him play "Dark Cloud." They will sit on his lap for hours and watch him. Sounds boring to me, but if they like it, oh well! I just love having Jordan home!


Angie said...

I didn't even recognize Jordon! Wow! I need to visit more often! Your grandkids are so lucky to live so close by and get to have slumber parties! They will love you forever!

Bilary said...

My kids love the slumber parties. You didn't have to tell everyone that I threaten my kids though!:) Just kidding. Whatever works, eh?! You are off to a great blogging start!

Larsens said...

What a fun thing to do with the grandkids. They will treasure these parties forever.