Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fun February Continues

 Just having fun with John (man on the left) and Williams (man on the right).  Both are PEF participants and fun. John has taught himself how to play the organ...and does a very good job!  Williams is always high energy and busy.  They went on the same mission and lived in the same apartment but were not companions.
 We eat at a local KFC sometimes.  While there one day we saw this group of little boys.  We couldn't resist taking their picture.
 All the missionary couples made a dinner for the Chimezie family, who are an important family to all of us.  We also welcomed the Reynolds who are short term missionary specialists who came to be with the Wingets for a week and a half.  We had a great meal and enjoyed the company with them all!
 Cynthia Chimezie (who ALWAYS has a smile on her face) and Sister Reynolds enjoying an American meal.
This is just a crazy "all girls" picture at the end of the meal.

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