Monday, December 15, 2008

It has been quite a while since I have blogged. It hasn't been because I haven't done anything, it is just because I don't take pictures when I should. Plus, I have been busy doing Christmas things. Yesterday Kailie and Jordan snuggled into the couch. I couldn't resist taking pictures of them. Kailie wasn't asleep in this picture but she really did go to sleep a couple of minutes after this was taken. It is good to have Jordan home for the Christmas!

Saturday was the annual family Christmas party for my brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces, nephews, children, etc. Our travelling to Alaska family came and stayed overnight. Ron and Kathie allowed us to take pictures of them with Brielle, Kenzie and Kailie. This morning Kailie asked me where that girl who stayed overnight was. Was she home? She was looking for Kathie. One of these first days I will have to learn how to scan pictures into the computer to blog about. I would love putting in family pictures of Tim's family and my family. They are pretty important people to me.
Sunday morning Kathie, Ron, Tim and I went to Salt Lake City to attend "Music and the Spoken Word" on temple square. I had no idea the special treat that was in store for us. Not only did we get to see the program but they did almost the entire concert that had been prepared and performed the week previous. The guest performers this year were Brian Stokes Mitchell and Edward K. Herrmann. They were fabulous! I believe I will buy the CD next year when it becomes available. Pres. Monson and Pres. Uchtdorf were in attendance along with their wives. After the performance there were plaques given to them for them to remember being there performing on temple square. It makes me wonder if they have any idea how important Pres. Monson is. He is a prophet of God! He is the most important person on the face of this earth at this time! When Pres. Monson walked in I felt a thrill run through me. It was an honor to stand on my feet to welcome him into the room. Anyway, it was a wonderful program. Kathie and Ron's daughters are the ones who arranged for the tickets to be able to attend. Thank-you Tammy and Cindy!


Watts Family said...

Hey Dianne-
What a neat experience for you to hear that neat music.
Sorry I missed the christmas party... I know how much work is involved in planning it, and I heard it was a success. I'm sure my mom told you but I was at my ward primary party. It was really fun, yet I am sad I missed the family party.
Oh, could you have Tai add me to her list of people that can view her blog. My email is Thanks!


Angie said...

My parents love the concert as well. What a cute picture of them and your grandkids. Funny. No pictures of the family Christmas party??? I hate living far away this time of year!!! I'm glad it was fun!

Tai said...

Fun post. I am glad to see that you are posting again!! It is fun to read your thoughts about things. I am totally jealous that you got to go to the Music and the Spoken word!! Thanks for all your work and Sheila as well, to have the family Christmas party!! We had lots of fun!