Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012 MTC day 1 and 2

 Which bicyclist looks the best?  To me that is obvious.  I love that Elder Jennings would play along with my ideas.  Each time I go by these 2 young men on bicycles I have to pause.  It is youthful, with determination, and out to do the Lord's work.
 Last evening Tim caught us up on e-mails and checked for documents we needed to take care of.
 We found Tai and her cute children just entering their dance classes.  We got some pretty awesome hugs and wishes to go with us.
After getting ready and telling Jordan and Nikole goodbye we went to Hilary and Bills to wish Hilary a happy birthday and get hugs.

Today was another big day.  Tim and I ended the day by singing in the MTC choir for a devotional with Elder Steuer (sounds like Sawyer with a "t" in it).  It is amazing to sing several songs to begin the meeting with over 2000 young men and women.  All of us sang 3 prelude songs instead of  having the organ play the music.  We ended with "Called To Serve".  I can only think of one word. POWERFUL.
We have been challenged and grown in just 2 days.  We have been put in challenging situations that are out of our comfort zones.  We have been very blessed to be able to do this.

We have been able to meet many people who are already great friends.  We love them and admire them.  They have such strength and wisdom for us to draw from.  We have met people who know some of our ward members, relatives and Tim met a girl he knew the first 2 years at BYU.  It took a minute to figure it out, but, it has been so fun.
So, we have learned, grown, laughed, sang, shared personal experiences and enjoyed the MTC.  We haven't driven everyone off.

FYI:  There are about 140 Senior missionaries.

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Hilary Eccleston said...

I love the blog posts you are doing! The pictures are so fun, and this will be such a great way to journal your mission! Keep it up! I'm glad you are having such a good time there. :)