Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Missionary Experiences at the MTC Day #3

 We appreciate even more the dedication and sacrifices the young Elder's make to come on a mission.  You are constantly hopping from one thing to another.  We study day and evening.  You crawl into bed at night and crawl out of bed in the morning thinking you can't get enough sleep.  Not to complain, the air conditioner in our room is having a hard time keeping up with the heat from outside.  We are separated into districts just like the young Elders and Sister's are.  Here is our new support group (district).  Tim and I (Elder and Sister Jennings), Elder and Sister Bybee, Elder and Sister Burningham, Elder and Sister Madsen, and Elder and Sister Beagley.
And here is one of our trainers.  Poor guy, we keep him hopping.  Turn about is fair play.  He keeps us going, also.

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Flora Lee said...

We are enjoying reading each new days experience. Your air conditioner is just getting you ready for AFRICA.