Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I know I didn't blog what I was thankful for yesterday and I am a slacker, but, in this picture there are two things I am thankful for. A washing machine and clothes dryer! Oh, Yes! I remember when I was quite young we had a washing machine but no dryer. My mom would hang the clothes out to dry. I am not sure how clean they were by hanging out in the farm "fresh" air and with children running through them with their farm fingers. I don't remember my mom ever complaining. Maybe that's because she was grateful to just have a washing machine! I can't imagine how much time is saved by having these two modern conveniences in my home! Today I am grateful to have a washing machine and dryer!
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Tai said...

Amen to that, but I still wish I had a robot or something like that to fold all my laundry and put it away. I hate laundry.. I guess I need to be more grateful that we have lots of cloths so I have to do laundry!!

Andrea said...

Oh how I miss big washers and dryers, but I am thankful that I have at least small ones.

Some day, in my "dream house", I will have two sets of W/D (one for each floor) so I will no longer heave loads up/down stairs.

Bilary said...

Ditto Tai. I really wish they would just fold it and put it away too.:) But I guess we just be grateful for what we've got!

Ashley said...

Tell me About it!! What would we do without them? Especially in the winter? It is so cold here! I could not hang my stuff to dry, it would freeze. And sometimes i doubt my house is much warmer.

So yes!! I am grateful for a washer and a dryer too!!