Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Today I am grateful for electricity! Usually I am the most grateful for this modern convenience when the electricity is out because of a rainstorm or some other power outage. Do you realize how often we use it? I mean really, we just automatically turn on a light, an oven, a computer, blow hair dry, etc... It is a miricle. I don't understand how electricity travels and how does a picture come across a television screen, how can a voice carry across the world, etc...It's a miricle!
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Bilary said...

I too am VERY grateful for electricity. What would I do without a blow dryer? I would scare everyone, including myself!:)

I don't really notice it either until it goes out. And it is a miracle. I have no idea how it all works either.

Larsens said...

I am also grateful for electricity. It makes our lives so much easier.