Friday, November 21, 2008

Tim drying apples

This is my wonderful husband. We love dried apples. Unfortunately I hate doing the job. Tim will go pick up the apples from a fruit stand by his office, buy the pineapple juice and slave away peeling, cutting, sugaring, placing the apples on the trays. All without a complaint. Tim works hard at his job, works hard at loving me, works hard at his golf skills, works hard at keeping me away from my friend Clarence ( clearance) , works hard at keeping this family afloat. I have always been grateful to have him to walk through time and eternity with. When we got married I was amazed someone as great as him would actually pick me! Today I am grateful for Tim.
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Watts Family said...

Thanks for that post of my mother a week ago. I love her so much and I am as well very grateful for her. Thanksgiving is a great time of year... Sometimes it is easy to forget how blessed we are and we need reminders.

Bilary said...

We all love Dad too! I still love that he dries apples for you. They are so yummy too!:)

Larsens said...

Tim's a great man. I need a recipe for those apples, please.

Sara said...

I will definitely be there on Thursday! Thanks for the invite! Miss you! And love you guys too! And I love all of your gratefulness! I'm going to have to bring leaves for our grateful tree up for you guys to do! Andrew sent me some! Fun! :)