Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is my favorite time of year. With Halloween over I have Thanksgiving and Christmas to plan, anticipate, shop for and enjoy. I have great intentions for this month. I am going to post every day something I am grateful for. I took 3 pictures of things I am grateful for and my usb port will not accept the "thing" I use to connect my photo card into the computer with. I even went out just before sunset to try to get a picture I wanted. As I was taking a picture my friend stopped her car and asked if I was having car problems. I told her I was just on blogging business. So maybe the first thing I want to say I am grateful for is (and this list isn't in order of most important to least, it is just whatever pops into my head at the moment)
FRIENDS! I have learned so much from them. They teach me to accept myself, excercise with me, show me new ways of seeing things, encourage me, care about me and my family, the list could go on and on! I wish all my friends old and new knew how much they mean to me.

Also, on this day, November 4th, it is my mom's birthday. She passed away almost 4 years ago. I just wanted to honor her and mention her and say thanks for the great example she set for me for so many years. Thanks mom!


Tai said...

Very good idea to do a thankful post. I think during hard times like these it is a great idea to divert your attention to your many many blessings!!

Larsens said...

I'm thankful for you and our long, long friendship, now reaching to the next generations.
Love you, Dianne.

Bilary said...

Good idea! Love it. I've seen a few people do this on their blogs, and I think it's just what we all need right now. So much negativity going on around us. Can't wait to see what you post the rest of the month!:)

Andrea said...

Cheers to your mom! :)

My mom says that if you have more friends than you can count on your hand, then consider youself blessed!